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You get what you pay for in wine, as in life

The satisfaction a good bottle gives is reward enough for the investment, I`d say, but when you consider how you are helping the wine producer, it`s ever more precious. Think of the family-run winery, the passionate winemaker committed to sustainability, the South African winemaker who can barely afford to pay his pickers this harvest. In past weeks I have written much about why I think the £15-£20 per bottle category represents the best possible value. This is surely the best of reasons to be drinking them.  Because the producers of these wines need our support, and we, as consumers, need to ensure their longevity. That old phrase again: “Use them; or lose them!” Aspiring for best possible quality makes sense, economically, only if there is a sure, growing market for it.  Imagine a dwindling market of such wines, less and less talent getting into winemaking, less individualists making crack wines, less investment in fine wine, and the subsequent reduced choice for the consumer. It does not bare thinking about. We all recognise that food grown sustainably and qualitatively costs more, well so it is for producing good wine. If we are to enjoy excellence and diversity in wine, then those of us who can, should be putting our hands in our pockets, and in doing so, to reap the benefit both now and in the future. Take this wine, produced with organically grown grapes in France`s Rhone Valley: La Famille Perrin “Nature” Cotes du Rhone Blanc, France 2019. A blend of 50% Grenache Blanc, 30% Viognier, 10% Marsanne & 10% Roussanne grapes. It is produced meticulously, sparing no expense, borne of hard work and passion. For our gratification. The result: Bright stone-fruit characters and a moreish, creamy palate. Simply divine. The world a better place for its existence. Surely better buy one of those, at £16.99 in our shop, than two or three of another for the same spend, likely as not chemical-imbued, barely sustainable, and, frankly, not very nice. That`s my view, anyway. Cheers everyone.

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