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Wine my passion

Yesterday I was reminded just how lucky I am. A shard of light broke the overcast sky and, filtering its way through our Choisyia, I was suddenly covered in an illuminous, dappled yellow light. It was warm too, the cool air snuffed out in a blink. I was working at the time in my garden porch, tasting a selection of burgundy wines and assiduously writing tasting notes. I raised my glass to the light (it was a Meursault by David Moret, the glorious 2017 vintage), and before my eyes the yellow-gold liquid appeared to burst asunder, fragmenting into a kaleidoscope of yellows, pinks, and oranges. It was beautiful, and I allowed myself to wallow in the moment.  Not for the first time I thought: “Oh boy, life is good”, and I thanked my lucky stars.  I married well, for one thing; that helps. I have good friends and family around me, also a big plus. I live in leafy Great Horkesley, with a garden porch for my office. How good is that? These things I appreciate enormously, no question. But in that precious moment I was thinking about wine, my life in wine, and just how lucky I have been all my working life. I`ve worked in a vineyard, helped make wine, both imported and exported wine, tasted wine as a buyer, and as a judge. I`ve been a wine broker, marketer, wholesaler, and retailer.  I`ve travelled the world for wine. I write about wine. I have also had the pleasure of teaching others about wine. And I have been, and continue to be, a student of wine. All this, and wine my passion. How lucky am I?   You too can learn about wine and enjoy a career in the industry. UK`s Wine & Spirit Education Trust “WSET” qualifications are globally recognised as the international standard, designed for the enthusiast just starting out in their careers, as well as for the established professional. But as a first step why not drop into the shop to say hello. Many a wine journey has started here in Gt Horkesley.


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