What’s On

A full programme of wine tasting dinners will resume in Spring, 2022

March 31st Wine-tasting dinner with chef, Marcus Lane, and guest speaker Philip Poulter “New World Wines”, £75 per person – SOLD to a private party

April 29th Wine-tasting dinner with chef, Marcus Lane, guest speaker Mary Wright “Wines of Spain & Portugal”, £75 per person – SOLD

May 27th Wine-tasting dinner with guest speaker Anthony Vertadier Mabille “Wines of France”, £85 per person –  SOLD to a private party

We will be arranging the summer programme during the first third of next year. Our apologies for those you were unable to buy tickets.

About our Wine-Tasting Dinners:

Our Friday night wine-tasting dinners are offered once a month.  Tickets start at £55 per person for our in-house deli supper and they range from £75 to £100 for a four or five-course dinner as prepared by our chef of the evening, the ticket price depending on how high we raise the level of the bar!

Our evenings are social occasions, a mix of singles, couples and small groups, coming together to relax and chat in a convivial atmosphere after a busy working week. Guests don`t require wine knowledge to enjoy their evening, however it helps if they enjoy wine and food because here at The Wine Centre we are passionate about both!

We generally serve eight or nine wines with dinner. Between us we make up a table of seventeen or eighteen (including Anthony and sometimes a guest speaker). We start at 7.30pm and generally finish around 10.30-10.45 pm. Our tasting evenings are also available for private hire, an opportunity for you to bring your friends, family or work colleagues.

Enquiries welcome.  

For information about the food being offered on our supper evenings please ask. Special provision can be made for vegetarians and other special requirements.

Private Parties: Cheese & Wine private parties are also offered in the “walkabout and mingle” format for £45 per person on Friday evenings.  7-10pm for 30-40 guests.  We host your party. Again enquiries are welcome.

Tastings Away:  Wine-tastings (£28 p/p) and/or Cheese & Wine tastings (£35 p/p) at your place (your home, local restaurant or village hall).  A great way of having a party with a difference at a venue of your choice.  We stipulate a minimum number of 30 guests and, of course, the maximum will depend on the size of your venue! If you have sufficient tables and chairs we would be delighted to turn these evenings into sit-down events. Also, for practical reasons, we can only service venues a maximum distance from the shop of one hour`s drive. Wine-tastings 7-9pm &  cheese-and-wine parties 7-10pm (or by arrangement).

Fundraising events: For fundraising events we offer our wine tasting & canapé “walkabout & mingle” supper evenings  7-10pm (Fridays) which includes an auction. Canapés are served 7-9 followed by cheese platters and auction until 10. Plenty of food offered to keep you going for the evening. These evenings are £50 per person, for which we donate £10 per person to the chosen charity.  The auction will then generate further funds. 30-40 guests.  We also offer the more intimate sit-down format with deli platter supper, table of 18 (16 guests), 7-10pm, £50 per person (all inclusive), with, again, £10 donated per ticket to the chosen charity. A smaller auction is also offered as an option.

Charitable status is required.

Terms of Sale:

Important: Please note reservations are not in themselves firm bookings. Reservations can be made in advance provided payment is received at least four weeks prior to the event. Tickets are generally released for sale again if payment has not been received by then, the assumption being they are no longer wanted. Repeat: Only once payment is received does a reservation become a firm booking. Once payment has been made the customer effectively owns the tickets and in the event of a late cancellation the ticket is forfeit. However, in the event of cancellation we will endeavor to sell tickets on behalf of customers, of course. We have a short-list of guests who have asked to be contacted in the event of cancellations so, depending on the notice, there is a good chance of re-sale. Thank you for your understanding.

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