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VE Day 75th anniversary in lockdown

Hello everyone. How are you remembering 75 years since the end of the Second World War? Our way of recognising the occasion will be just a bit different from five years ago 70th anniversary. Some of you will remember our “wine-and-deli tasting party in the garden”. Our boy James produced an emotional video commemorating the fallen which we watched on a big screen, before finishing the evening with a bonfire. Today, during Lockdown Britain, a time in our lives which some of us imagine (rightly or wrongly) must bear certain resemblances to post-war Britain, if not wartime, we will start with two-minutes silence at 11am. We can together reflect on the lives lost back then, the devastation of war, in the cause of defending our nations against a deadly enemy, and the parallel I am suggesting with the enemy we face now, the unseen deadly disease of our time, coronavirus.  We can perhaps draw strength from their actions – the wartime heroism and the sacrifices – and go forward from here, against this silent enemy, more resilient, brave and kinder to others. Then tonight, at 9pm, we will join the nation on television for Vera Lynne`s wartime singalong “We`ll Meet Again”. The unspoken poignancy of this moment will not, I am sure, be missed, as we all look forward to the times we can once again hug and kiss our friends and family.  We salute Captain Tom, now honorary Colonel, we salute everyone he represents, and we salute the NHS and all the brave folk of our times who are doing their utmost to keep us watered, fed, heathy and safe. And we grieve together for the fallen, of wartime Britain, the then, and the now.  Perhaps, if I may suggest it, as the song comes to an end, we can all of us raise a glass, of something, and toast family and friends, past and present.





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