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Uruguay – a gem in the South American crown.

I was surprised to learn that Uruguay is the fourth largest wine producer in South America, after Argentina, Chile, and Brazil; surprised, because it is the second smallest country in South America, after little French Guiana. It goes without saying, therefore, that wine is not just important to its economy, but also to its culture. Moreover, it is grown everywhere. I found this quote: “From East to West and from South to North, vineyards can be found all over the country. A land of wines”. Yet, it`s also true that most of Uruguay`s best wines come from the south and south-east, from the hills around its capital, Montevideo, and east along the coast to Maldonado. There, the vineyards are cooled by the Rio de la Plata, the world`s widest river, and the Atlantic. And the vines which flourish most are Uruguay`s most important grape varieties: in red, the Tannat grape, yielding dark, structured wines, ideal for drinking with their great beef steaks; and in white, Albariño, perfect with their plentiful Atlantic seafood. Both are indigenous to Europe`s Iberian Peninsula, brought over by the Spanish colonisers. Bodega Garzón is a family-owned winery in Maldonado which specialises in these grape varieties and has impressed critics, of late, for the purity and character of their wines. We are thrilled to be stocking them, adding these two Uruguayan wines only, for the time being, to the great wall of Chilean and Argentinian wines in our shop. A gem in the South American crown…  Garzon Reserve Albariño 2018, £20.99, has a bright yellow-green hue and an intense peach and citrus nose. The freshness and minerality on the mid-palate is superb, ably supported by a remarkable acidity which frames the juicy fruit. Garzon Tannat Reserve 2019, also £20.99, is deep purple in colour, with aromas of black plums and raspberries, and a hint of spice. On the palate, this is a full-bodied wine, with ripe tannins, a solid, fruit core, and notes of chocolate, tobacco, and mineral. Both are highly recommended. On offer in-store now.

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