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Two weeks to Christmas

“Everyone feeling Christmasy?” As a question this seems entirely inoffensive to me. But lately I have become more aware of the bubble I live in. I am not sure what the bubble is called, exactly. A middle-class bubble, possibly. But at any rate the life I live gives me a perspective, a world view, which won`t be the same as everybody`s. Someone who is having a terrible time of things out there might well read those words and think me boorishly insensitive: “No, actually, things may be tickety-boo for you, pal,  but I`ve lost my job, my granny has just come down with Covid 19, and I`ve just spilled coffee down my front…“   What made me think about the different world view was something a customer said. He asked me to recommend a wine for him to take to someone, as a gift. “A really nice red”, were his exact words. I suggested the Darling Old Bush Vine Cinsaut which is a favourite of mine, £16.99 per bottle. He looked embarrassed, and then he asked if we had anything nice for around £6. You see, in my bubble “really nice gift” = £16.99. But, of course, that`s nonsense. It`s whatever the person can afford, and the thought that counts. Next time I will be sure to ask what price the person has in mind!  Anyway, I reflected, and it occurred to me how for years, in this paper`s column, I have extolled the virtues of many rather pricey bottles. I have done so because I am genuinely passionate about wine, and I want to share my love of it. I can`t apologize for that. But I also acknowledge that for those who can`t afford said bottles I have been spectacularly unfair. I have been Tempter! Trying to seduce you into my world, my bubble, to spend your hard-earned money. And for you, this Christmas, I`d like to share my new wine of the week, the Ravovita Pinot Grigio, £6.99. Pleasantly aromatic,  crisp and refreshing, this blossomy, lemon-tinged white wine will do your turkey proud. Cheers!



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