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The joy of receiving a hamper gift

Hello everyone! Another couple of weeks passed. Captain Tom, honorary Colonel, is soon to be Sir Tom. We all have a little more freedom, though what exactly those freedoms are, is of hot debate. We are enjoying more social contact, which is great; though the worry is we will all over-step, and there will be a second spike. And the weather continues to be kind to us, as though soothing our worries; though the farmers would have something to say about that! But the other big source of smoking hot chat around here is The Wine Centre, which is open again!! True, for the time being we are only open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm, while we build up our trade again, but instead of working behind closed doors, our blinds are up, the sun is flooding in, and everyone around here seems to be smiling. Why even The Gift Room is open with its new range of summer clothes and jewellery.  But to the crux of today`s message is what`s closest to my heart, “wine and food”. What is it you get when the two are brought together, wrapped and ribboned? That`s right: a hamper. Everyone appears to be buying hampers. We are mailing them all over the UK, to loved ones, to the children stuck in tiny flats with gardens the size of stamps, for birthdays, anniversaries, one yesterday for an eighty year old in isolation “to cheer her up”. It strikes me it is another small parallel with post-war Britain, and Europe, when the rations were lifted. The idea of gifting a bar of chocolate. Today, it`s hampers brimming with goodies. So, in the coming weeks we are going to be making up all sorts of hampers. If anyone would like a bespoke hamper made up for someone, give us a shout on 271 236, or email . Or better still, if you are not self-isolating, why not  pop in to see us!


The Wine Centre

Great Horkesley

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