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Summertime high spirits

Today we are celebrating Copper in the Clouds, joyfully fab homespun spirits, and liqueurs, playfully distilled, bottled, and hand finished on Dowsetts Farm in Hertfordshire. Oh, what fun these are! Take their organic Flowerbomb dry gin, packed with floral botanicals of rose, lavender, jasmine, orange blossom and goodness-knows, full of the joys of spring and summer. Top up with Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic, and away you go. Alternatively, try their Lychee and Raspberry pink-gin. This Panda-loving treat boasts Oriental lychee, Sicilian lemons, fresh English garden mint, and delicious British-only raspberries amongst the aromatics, East meets West. The Panda – quite possibly Kung-fu Panda, as a cub, or juvenile – makes a second appearance in Copper in the Clouds liqueur version, namely Lychee with A Hint of Lemon Gin Liqueur. Lemons, incidentally, flown in by eagle (or is it hawk? Can`t quite tell). This is lovely served with Prosecco in a Champagne flute, especially when monkeying around on a giant leaf in a Lilly-pond. Alternatively for a longer drink, with lemonade, garnished with mint leaf and raspberry. Oh joy! Their Pineapple and Basil Gin Liqueur is adorned with a young king, who happens to be a hedgehog, with a pineapple throne, and his faithful Peacock servant. With tonic this makes a refreshing, tropical fruit drink which is splendid garnished with fresh basil and lemon peel. The guitar-playing racoon is sure proof that this is to be drunk exclusively by the fun-at-heart! And did I mention the Prickly Pear and Mandarin Gin Liqueur? Most fragrant of all their liqueurs, distilled and infused with the spiky fruit of the Opuntia cactus, namely Prickly Pear, as well as his partner in crime, Mandarin. No doubt tricky (prickly) to harvest, Copper in the Clouds employ the picking services of the nimble native red squirrel, an elephant who hauls, and a scaled pangolin who steers, and together they bring in the harvest. Aside making a fun G&T, try with soda and ice in a tall glass. Gee it`s swell. And then there`s the bear, the fox, and two pink mice… but that`s another story.


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