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Summer pinks and party fun!

It`s true that in-vogue pale pink wines tend to be the driest of the Rosé wines, and that they partner food very well as well. In summertime, our favourite pairings include salads, paella, charcuterie, seafood, and especially oily fish, and shellfish. In last week`s blog I started my short-list of favourite Rosé wines, and I gave my top two spots to French wines of this nature, not least for the joy they give us with food. Wine No 3 is altogether different, a Spanish Rosado, Rioja Izadi Larrosa, £16.99, in of itself a foodstuff. It has a beautiful magenta hue, the colour of Fuchsias. Its flavours are reminiscent of ice pops. Do you remember the Mivvi ice lollies, ice cream centres with fruit ice outers? Strawberries and raspberries. In the world of wine, it`s Eton mess. Joyous, and delightfully extravagant!  Wine No 4 Cotes de Thau by Maison Boutnot £13.99 – Fourth spot is our most recent French addition, which comes in a uniquely tall and elegant bottle. Its salmon-pink colour looks like a sunset.  It also comes in magnum size (£24.99) which makes a wonderful gift. The wine is technically dry, yet simultaneously sumptuous, textural, and tangy. Red currants and raspberries prevail over strawberries. Wine No 5 Borsao Seleccion Rosado, £9.99 – another from Spain, from Campo de Borja, east of Rioja, this party guzzler is aromatic, fresh, and fruity.  The deep salmon-pink hue and colourful label is typical of Spanish rosado, ideal of a summer`s evening, and frankly, better than Sangria. Wine No 6 goes to Italy`s Lunetta Prosecco Rosé, £11.99, our single best-selling sparkling pink. This also comes in picnic-sized 20cl bottles (£3.99), a lightly effervescent pink with aromatic redcurrant and citrus notes. We have stocked the wine for all my years here in Gt Horkesley, but only now are we able to call it Prosecco due to a change of rules allowing the use of up to 15% Pinot Noir grapes, required to colour the wine. Previously Prosecco had to be 100% Glera, Prosecco`s white wine grape. Now you know.


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