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Strange times – the Coronavirus

After a busy trading day on Saturday (March 21st) we felt compelled to close the shop. Customers were not able to adhere to the 2-metre rule, and frankly too many weren’t even trying. They were touching product, brushing past each other and chatting in groups as though it were any other Saturday. It was impossible to keep everything clean and we felt no-one was safe, not staff or our customers. It`s the nature of retail and the touchy feely shop we have, I suppose. So, after further deliberation finally we closed Monday evening. Our wonderful staff were prepared to keep going, but we didn’t feel it was fair to expose them to the virus unnecessarily. We considered the queue system approach adopted by pharmacies and post offices, but we decided against it when we observed the lack of social distancing, as queues become social groups. Instead, we decided to offer an order service from behind closed doors. We are taking orders and enquiries by email and phone, and we are scheduling for customers to pick up Wednesdays at an appointed time, with delivery to the boot, in our car park, respecting social distancing. Then, Thursdays, we are providing a delivery service to those who are self-isolating.  I won`t deny, it`s a strange feeling working like this, alone in the quiet of an empty shop, office and warehouse, but I am glad to be of some service in these difficult times. When I think of others, though, on the front line daily, I am truly humbled. I think the NHS staff should roundly receive medals once this is all over, and many others too, brave souls putting themselves at risk to help others. They really are the best of mankind. By contrast there are those out there downplaying this virus, heedless of government advice (less this week, thankfully, the message is finally getting through), and there are the worms in our society, those criminals and conmen without conscience who are exploiting the epidemic, taking advantage of our fear and our vulnerable.  The worst of mankind.  Let`s all be mindful of them. And be safe everyone. 01206 271 236



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