Wintertime Diffuser, 100ml


Locally made by Nadine Clare.

100ml Wintertime Reed Diffuser made with Premium fragrance oils presented in a cube glass container.

Wintertime – an aromatic spicy fragrance with a hint of citrusy lemon & orange, followed by warm cinnamon, ginger & clove.

The reeds will provide a subtle fragrance without turning them and are perfect for any room.  However, if you’d prefer a more intense fragrance the reeds can be turned more often to suit your needs.  If you prefer a much more subtle fragrance – you can remove some of the reeds.

The reed diffuser oil can last anywhere up to 12 weeks, however its lifespan can be affected by how many reeds you choose to use, how often you flip them, central heating, air conditioning, open and closed doors.

Wintertime Diffuser