Hamper 40



  • Magnum of Bouchard Finlayson Hannibel South African 2013 1.5 L
  • Magnum of Lous Roederer Champagne 1.5 L
  • Magnum of Bzikot Puligny Montrachet 2017 1.5L
  • Allan Scott Marlborough Chardonnay 2019 750ml
  • Allan Scott Marlborough Pinot Noir 2019 750ml
  • Jar of Cherries in a light syrup with Kirsch 580g
  • Jar of Peaches in a light syrup with Brandy 575g
  • Amaretto & Cherry Fruit Cake
  • 8 Golden Brandy Snaps
  • Cottage Delight Gouda Cheese Stars 150g
  • Single Variety Co Fireflame Chilli Jam 220g
  • Pelagonia Aivar Red Pepper Meze 314g
  • Hot Pepper Italian Crostini Crackers 170g
  • Fine Cheese Co Onion Chutney 260g
  • Linden Lady Hand Made Chocolate Florentines 115g
  • Fine Cheese Co Date, Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Toast Crackers 100g
  • Linden Lady Hand Made Chocolate covered Marshmallows 118g
  • Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes 105g
  • Mr Filbert`s Balsamic Vinegar & Roasted Shallotts flavoured Mixed Nuts 150g
  • Honey Caramelised Almonds in a Cone 125g
  • Cottage Delight Chorizo, Pork & Onion Pate 180g
  • Kensington Tube of Spiced Ginger Biscuits 200g
  • Niederegger Dark Chocolate Marzipan Loaves 100g
  • Walnut Tree Enrobed Chocolate Dipped Orange, Lemons & Ginger Fruits 210g

Presented in:

Large Wicker Hamper