Hamper 33



  • Genetie Saint-Veran La Rencontre 2019, Burgundy, 750ml
  • Genetie Illumine Pinot Noir 2018, Burgundy, 750ml
  • Island Bakery, Three Seed Oatcakes, 135g
  • Taylors Christmas Blend Coffee, 227g
  • Anthon Berg Cherry in Rum, 220g
  • Linden Lady Luxury Handmade Truffles, 115g
  • Soft Nougat Cube with Fruit Creme, 130g
  • Bendicks Bittermints, 200g
  • Grandma Wo;ds Cranberry Biscuits, 150g
  • Toasted Coconut & White Chocolate Biscuits, 150g
  • Cottage Delight Honey Caramelised Almonds, 125g
  • Cottage Delight Seville Orange Marmalade, 350g
  • Cottage Delight Winter Berry Chutney, 310g

Presented in:

Black cardboard tray, cello wrapped with bow.