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Pretty in Pink

We have just added another winning Rosé to our portfolio which is another must-buy for you wine lovers. Zefir Rosé de Capion, £19.99, of France`s Languedoc region, is simply delicious. This is Chateau Capion`s latest just-released 2020 vintage, which is aromatic, crisp, and elegant, with generous, intense berry notes.  The palate is structurally defined by its barrel aging, and it has a fresh saline quality which speaks of its clay-limestone and gravel soils.  Moreover, it comes in yet another beautiful bottle to add to our collection. So many star-quality Rosé wines to choose from nowadays. Of some interest to me is Capion`s choice of grape varieties: 70% Syrah, 30% Grenache. The use of such a high proportion of Syrah is atypical in Languedoc Rosé wines, with use of Grenache and Cinsault more usual, in the Provence style. I wonder if winemaker Claude Gros is going for a Rhone style Rosé, with emphasis on bright red berries. This, a nod to Capion`s deep passion for the Syrah grape, perhaps? At any rate this got me thinking, and I started to wonder what you all, the consumer, must make of the vast number of Rosé wines on the market today. Are you interested in the grape varieties used? Or not the least bit bothered, so long as the colour is a pale pink, and it is crisp, and dry. In reds, and whites, you seem to care very much about the grape, because it is an indicator of the style. Perhaps this is less the case in Rosé wines because the colour generally tells you that: the paler, the drier, the deeper, the sweeter. Though that says little of aroma and flavour, of course. I just checked in the shop, and of thirty or so Rosé wines, only two show the grape varieties. This suggests that the producers don`t think they are of real significance, either. Yet, for me, they are the essence of it. They are a nod to style, origin, and flavour, and perhaps even, like Capion`s deep passion for Syrah, a nod to the producer itself.

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