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On climate change

I have referred to Climate Change in my blogs over the years. I have speculated as to the effects of global warming, specifically apropos of the world`s vineyards and the changing landscape. I have explained what some winemakers are already doing about it, such as planting new grape varieties which are more resilient to extreme heat; and experimenting with new methods of trellising and canopy management, better protecting their vines against heatwaves, drought, and even forest wildfires. We have seen recently, in California and in Australia, the devastation these fires can wreak. In other parts of the world, it is extreme electric storms and flooding, and most damaging of all in our northern European vineyards, extreme spring frosts. These are challenging times for our winemakers, indeed, our farmers, and the risks, as well as the contingencies, are not without cost. Ultimately, of course, we are all paying for this. But what of the cause of climate change, and the steps we are all being asked to take, to slow global warming itself?  What of this cost? Humanity, we are told, is putting the world at risk by its emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the main culprit, carbon dioxide, or CO2. We are all consuming too much fossil fuel, and it`s got to stop. Accordingly, we are all paying for the wholesale change, from burning fossil fuel to adopting the greener, cleaner renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydro, and so on. There`s Nuclear, as well, of course, although not renewable it is clean, and the world`s best bet if we are going to come close to zero-carbon by 2050. It`s a massive task ahead, for governments, farmers, and all of us; but we should not be doing all this like headless chickens. The likes of Extinction Rebellion with their “end of world” fantasies helps no-one. And let`s not forget “Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS)” in our rush to be rid of fossil fuels, to ensure their continuity of supply is not cut off before we have in place the sustainable alternatives.   We may just have need of them yet.

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