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“Late August, early September”

The title of today`s column is one and the same as a French film I saw many years ago, starring a young Mathieu Amalric as the lead character. It was a Woody Allenesque story of juvenile relationships, and it came to mind when I started to write my first line: “Late August…” I was about to embark on the virtues of the late summer seasonal fruits we have been enjoying. These, incidentally, have been mostly strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, on cereals, but we have also enjoyed lemon tart topped with raspberry coulis, recently, for dessert, accompanied by the slightly effervescent Moncucco Moscato d`Asti golden wine; and we had a memorable moment with Mclaughlin`s superb strawberries, which we partnered with Brachetto d`Acqui Rosa Regale pink spumante. I had been meaning to look ahead to “early September…” and the mouth-watering prospect of blackberries, figs, and plums to come.  I had been thinking about the fruit tarts my wife likes to make, and how soon there would be pears and apples as well, and my favourite, apple, and blackberry crumble. All OF THIS, of course, leading to a list of recommended dessert wines to go with fruit tarts of every type, and a tip, advocating use of almond for a dream pastry base. I was going to wax lyrical about sweet wines made from botrytis affected grapes, explain how the mould punctures their skins, shrivelling the fruit, while concentrating the juices, simultaneously imparting its inimitable tell-tale marmalade-like flavours. INSTEAD, I was taken by an unbidden thought, about this film, and, as you can see, the article I had started to write sort of wrote itself, taking me on a tangent. In the film young people are recklessly tasting the various fruits of life, sometimes the Biblical forbidden fruit. A strawberry here, a blueberry there. It`s how we find out what we like, after all, not so unlike the journey of wine. And it occurred to me that the young are right to fill their boots. And how, for myself, now, I just like my wife`s blackberry and apple crumble.





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