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How about a glass of New Zealand?

The title is the leading strapline of a national campaign which is currently promoting New Zealand wines, and it is not entirely by accident that today is NATIONAL SAUVIGNON BLANC DAY! Yes, there is such a day! And it really is today.  I don`t blame NZ for owning it, either. As a country I can`t think of another so committed to the grape variety. A massive 67% of New Zealand`s vineyards are given to the variety, and 85% of exports. And most of this comes from just one region. You guessed it: Marlborough. At any rate I suspect you guessed it, because Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is a household brand nowadays. This, after decades of focused and effective promotion to their three key export markets, UK, USA, and Australia: “Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is `Crisp, thirst-quenching, and dry`”, simple messaging which hit home. We all know what to expect when we ask for a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, don`t we? The pungent aroma of gooseberry and passionfruit, the racy acidity. Moreover, their Sauvignons today are more nuanced than ever. Winemakers have honed their craft. Many of them nowadays are site-specific wines which speak of their terroir, detailed and precise, some even age-worthy wines. The Sauvignons of Marlborough`s Wairau sub-region tend to display tropical and citrus fruits. You may smell, or taste, any of a number: passionfruit, mango, guava, white peach, gooseberries, lemons, and limes; and these are sometimes imbued with elderflower, or the stony alluvial gravels whence they came. By contrast, the Sauvignons Blanc wines of the more southerly sub-region Awatere Valley, which is colder, drier, and windier than Wairau, are most notably herbaceous, with notes of cutgrass, green pepper, and tomato leaf, and sometimes an additional coastal salinity. Most Marlborough wines you`ll find display characters across both flavour spectrums, a balancing ballet of tropical, citrus, mineral, and herbaceous characters, the grape instantly recognisable, with mouth-watering acidy. Wines to match with seafood, feta & goat`s cheese, asparagus, and salads. Oh joy! Happy Sauvignon Blanc day, everyone.



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