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Happy National Fluffernutter Day

What is it with everyone, nowadays? We seem to have a national day for most everything. Today, October 8th, it`s National Hero Day. Not super-hero, that`s another day. This one is to celebrate those people who inspire us. I wonder how we celebrate that? The worship of false idols is a sin, is it not? Anyway, as it turns out, today is also National Pierogi Day; we`re perhaps better celebrating that. And as if you didn’t know, it`s a kind of dumpling. Yes, we have a day dedicated to the humble dumpling, for Goodness-sake! It`s also, of course, as the title suggests, National Fluffernutter Day, where, in New England USA they pay homage to the childhood sandwich of peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff, squished between two slices of bread. It`s a big deal there, like pancake day here, except its roots are in World War 1 instead of Christianity, and it`s even more sickly. Today is also American Touch Tag Day – like Sports Day for kids in America, without the pressures of competition.  ALL THIS, in just one day! LOOK, I don`t want to come across more cynical than I am. I get it, a lot of people want to promote their cause. We do it ourselves, within the drinks industry. Off the cuff: April 17th is Malbec Day, May 7th Sauvignon Blanc Day, May 21st it`s Chardonnay`s turn, August 18th Pinot Noir, and so on. A date for every grape practically. There`s even a more inclusive National Wine Day. Basically, any excuse.  How about National Independent Wine Merchant Day? I think that would be a very worthy cause, don`t you? Even better: a week, or a month!  But then, cluttering up the calendar is exactly what everyone is already doing, and that`s my point. A day to remember “a thing” has become a blurred nonsense that no one remembers anyway, such is our busy lives, so why not just leave it to birthdays. Stop cramming our lives with phoney dates.   And lift a glass of whatever you fancy, whenever you like. Cheers everyone.



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