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For the love of wine

Life is difficult, currently. And there are times we are obliged to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and face the day. Other times, we look, quite reasonably, to a little escapism. I like a good book, a movie, a song. But my absolute favourite means of escapism is to enjoy these things with a bottle of wine open beside me. It is a ritual with me. I have my Riedel crystal glass, which I like to re-polish before use, so it sparkles. I often decanter the wine, especially if it`s a red. I smell, reflecting on the wine`s aroma, swish the glass, and smell once more, taking my time about it, mentally noting any developments. During the moments when I am holding the liquid in my mouth, I am taking in its flavours, the weight, the acidity, the feel of it, as it coats my mouth. I suck air through the wine, which further aerates it, intensifying the flavours. Subconsciously, or even consciously, I am appraising it, and having swallowed the wine I am assessing if the aftertaste is short, medium, or long. I may well even emit a small grunt of satisfaction, or, sometimes, a small, critical, nose wrinkle. Occasionally a wine will transport me, to another time, or another place; why just the other evening I opened a bottle of Rustenberg John X Merriman, and immediately I was taken back to South Africa and our visit there a year ago. It compelled me to pick up the photo album which is dedicated to the trip, and my wife and I enjoyed a good fifteen-minute reminisce of pure, happy escapism. Of course, wine has its warming effect as well. A glass or two at the end of a working day gives a welcome reset, from work mode, to chill, taking the edge off the strains of the day.  I find red wine especially mellowing. Furthermore, one`s whole evening brightens notably, and somehow it becomes even easier to lose oneself, be it in a book, a movie, or a song. Cheers everyone!


Anthony Borges

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