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Fifty shades of pink


Never have I so enjoyed pink wine as I have this summer. So many shades, from pale salmon-pink, to deep copper-rose.  The quality and range of Rosé wines has never been better. So those of you who sniff slightly as you turn away the pink, I urge you to think again. In the next weeks I will briefly profile my favourites, starting with the palest and driest. No 1 – Whispering Angel, £19.99. It`s not actually my favourite, but it has my first spot because it is a leading light in the premium brand category. Frankly, it`s an example of the power of marketing and its producer, Chateau d`Esclans, deserves credit for its huge success. The whole country ran out of stock recently, except us (remarkably), and it was like a run on the bank. Customers flocked from everywhere. They like the feel of it, the look of it, the association with fun, success, and glamour.  The wine is good too. It has a peachy colour and an aroma which is a blend of strawberry, pink grapefruit, and melon, and on the palate, it is crisp, and intense. Perhaps more than any other wine, Whispering Angel can also be applauded for the success it has brought to France`s Provence region. Provence Rosé is a successful brand in of itself, and much of this is down to its leading wine brand. People quite often ask me if I think it is over-hyped, and over-priced. I think of the happiness it brings, and I ask what`s too much? No 2 La Lauzeta `Corteza` £18.99 – Personally, I prefer my second spot wine to WA. It was recently described by a famous wine critic “as pure as a mountain spring”, which describes it perfectly. Even paler than Whispering Angel, it has a wonderful rocky mineral quality derived from the schist soils of France`s Saint Chinian region, and the most delicate notes of red fruits and peach. Such beautiful balance and precision, I can`t recommend it enough. Next week we explore those deeper shades. Cheers everyone!


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