Deli Food

It started with a fridge of cheeses “to compliment the wine” and now it`s a deli with gourmet delights including locally produced Pinney’s of Orford smoked fish, Linden Lady chocolates and Hamish Johnson cheeses. The addition of our deli has been the instigator of our burgeoning hamper business.

Christmas Deli Food to Order Price
Pinney’s of Orford Smoked Salmon 227g £10.99/pack
Pinney’s or Orford Smoked Salmon 114g £5.99/pack
Casademont Jamon, Serrano, Salchichon, Chorizo Tapas, 150g £3.25/pack
Diforti Antipasto Misto, 120g £5.85/pack
Golfera Salame Milano, 80g £2.65/pack
Shorrocks Black Bomber Lancashire Cheddar Bomb 230g £5.99
Shorrocks White Vintage Lancashire Cheddar Bomb 230g £5.99
Shorrocks Smoked Lancashire Cheddar Bomb 230g £5.99
Snowdonia Black bomber waxed Cheddar 200g £4.99
Snowdonia Rock Star cave aged waxed Cheddar 200g £4.99
Snowdonia Natures Nectar Cheddar with rum, figs & honey 200g £4.99
Snowdonia Ginger Spice Cheddar waxed bomb 200g £4.99
Snowdonia Black Bomber waxed Cheddar 400g £8.99
Godminster Vintage Organic Waxed Cheddar  Heart 200g £5.99
Godminster Vintage Organic Waxed Cheddar  Heart 400g £10.99
Godminster Vintage Organic Waxed Cheddar with Black Truffle 200g £6.99
Godminster Vintage Daredevil Chilli Organic Waxed Cheddar 200g £6.99
Manchego DO Villarejo Semi Curado (aged 3-6 months) Price weight dependent
Gigha Waxed Liqueur Cheddar Pear 200g £5.99
Gigha Waxed Mini Cheddar Fruits 45g £1.89
Gigha Waxed Cheddar Christmas Pudding 200g £5.99
Montgomery Cheddar Price weight dependent
Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheddar Price weight dependent
Diforti Pecorino white or with truffle Price weight dependent
Gouda Price weight dependent
Parmesan Price weight dependent
Beaufort Price weight dependent
Comte Price weight dependent
Brie de Meaux 250g approx Price weight dependent
Brie de Meaux 500g approx Price weight dependent
Camembert AOC £5.99
Baron Bigod 250g £6.99
Baron Bigod Truffle 250g £13.99
Coeur de Neufchatel  AOC Heart shaped Brie 200g £3.79
Norfolk White Lady 170g £5.69
Charouce 250g £5.49
Minger 250g TBC
Epoisee Germain AOP 250g £10.15
Chaume Price weight dependent
St Jude £5.59
Vacherin Mont Dor approx 450g £11.15
Goats Rosary plain or Herb & Garlic 100g £2.45
Golden Cross Goats log 225g £7.25
Cropwell Bishop Stilton approx 250g Price weight dependent
Cropwell Bishop Stilton approx 500g Price weight dependent
Shropshire Blue  
Fourme D Ambert  
Sheppards Purse Award Winning Yorkshire Blue  
Strathdon Blue approx 145g  
St Agur  
Devon Blue  
Suffolk Blue  
Oxford Blue  
Cornish Wild Garlic Yarg Price weight dependent
Suffolk Gold Price weight dependent
Morbier Price weight dependent


Bakewell Tart (Jam & Frangipane), 800g, Serves 6 £9.99/pack
Hazelnut & Treacle Tart (Flavoured with Orange), 800g, Serves 6 £9.99/pack
Lemon Tart (Sweet Pastry with Lemon Filling), 800g Serves 6 £9.99/pack
Almond & Pear Flan (Sweet Pastry with Pears & Frangipane), 800g, Serves 6 £9.99/pack
Pecan Pie (Sweet Pastry with Pecan & Walnut), 800g, Serves 6 £9.99/pack
Criterion Gold Medal Vanilla Ice Cream, 500ml £5.39/Pack
Criterion Salted Caramel & Fudge Ice Cream, 500ml £5.39/pack
Criterion Chocolate Ice Cream, 500ml £5.39/pack
Criterion Strawberry Ice Cream, 500ml £5.39/pack
Lodge Farm Frozen Ready Meals – List Available on Request  

All products are subject to availability.

To place Christmas turkey and food orders please email or telephone 01206 271236 as soon as possible.