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Are you celebrating National Champagne Day next week?

Anyone who read my column last week will know I am somewhat cynical about national and international days of celebration. I made the point there are far too many, and a secondary thinly veiled point that far too many are on the verge of the margins; some of them, frankly, outright obscure. Today, October 15th, for example, incredibly, it`s National Grouch Day, to honour the world`s favourite grouch, Oscar, of Sesame Street. He`s the fluffy green monster who lives in a trash can. Yep, the world`s calendar dedicates one of its 365 days of celebration to a puppet. At any rate, during my research, as I sifted through the weird and wonderful subject matter given to celebrations, I came across this one, and I sat up, suddenly alert. It read: National Champagne Day, October 22nd, 2021. I thought: Now, if ever there`s a reason for a celebration, it`s this one! Many a time I have said, make the bottle the reason for the celebration, and what better bottle than the King of celebratory bottles, Devaux, Cuvée D, Champagne. Ordinarily £49.99 per bottle, for one week only readers get £10 off when mentioning this article. Cuvée D is a unique champagne made with a proportion of reserve wine going back to 1995 and aged on its lees for over 60 months. The result is a rich and complex wine, characterized by its fine bead of tiny bubbles, vibrant acidity, and minerality. The Pinot Noir in the blend (60%) gives body to the wine, while the Chardonnay (40%) provides elegance. It is truly delicious served simply with crispy snacks; alternatively why not get creative and create your own pancake blinis using our Pinney`s smoked salmon? Oysters and mussels are equally delectable, as is Calamari, scallops, and vegetable tempura. But a word of caution: do take care to muffle that pop. Behind each Champagne cork there is, typically, 90-pounds of pressure per square inch; enough to take your eye out.  You don`t want to be spoiling your party before it`s even began.

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