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Another wonderful Suffolk brewery

I discovered Mole Trap bitter (3.8% ABV) in a pub, out and about in Suffolk, a very drinkable session ale, very hoppy, lightly malty, and a note of bitterness on the finish. I liked it immediately, but it wasn’t until much later I connected it to Black Adder, and then to the Mauldon`s brewery in Sudbury. Let me tell you about Black Adder (5.3% ABV):   I first tried it in 1992. I remember the year because it had won the Champion Beer of Britain competition a year before. I was living in London at the time and bought it from a specialist wine merchant in a 500ml bottle. I recall the guy was excited because it had just come back into stock. So, anyway, I bought six. I`ve always loved stout – I used to live on Guinness when overseas, rather than drink the pale gassy beers – and this had come well recommended. He wasn’t wrong either. In fact, it blew me away. So rich, dark, and creamy. Immediately I wished I had bought a dozen. Fast forward 25 years. For some reason I was trying to remember the name of that nice session beer I`d had some months before. “Fox something, no Rabbit Hole. No, vole? That`s it, Vole. Vole Trap!”. Google knew better and took me directly to the Mauldon`s brewery website. Sitting right next to Mole Trap was, you guessed it, the blast from my past, Mauldon`s Black Adder. I ended up buying the range: Mauldon`s Pale Ale, Suffolk Pride, Silver Adder, Ploughmans, and Black Berry Porter. All of them are good, but Black Adder is majestic. Tasting it again, while still stacked with dark malt and roast, it has a hoppy fruitiness it didn’t have before, as I recall it. It is less dense now. It`s probably why they call it Black Adder Bitter Stout. Still, at 5.3% ABV it still has plenty of oomph, and more`s the point, it is beautifully balanced. I suspect now it has appeal way beyond the stout lover. Cheers everyone.

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