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An introduction to M. Chapoutier wines

Michel Chapoutier’s wines from France`s Rhône Valley are amongst the most highly acclaimed wines in the World. The Chapoutier family have been making wine in the Rhône Valley since 1808, but it is since 1990 when Michel Chapoutier took over that the wines really began to speak of their origin. In large part this is down to Michel`s assiduous and insightful selection of vineyards, but also his meticulous methods of farming, using organic and biodynamic principles, coupled with minimal intervention in the winery.  His goal is not just to produce the best possible wine, but to ensure each is individual, characterised by its own sense of place. What the French call: “Le goût du terroir”.  Their labels deserve special mention as well, because, since 1996, all Maison M. Chapoutier labels feature the wine information written in braille. This is a tribute to Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne (1857-1924), the inventor of the first abridged version of braille and founder of the Valentin Haüy association.  Haüy was founder, in 1785, of the first school for the blind, which was later, in 1819, attended by Louis Braille himself. Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne, blinded at age 9, went on to be one of the most significant influences in the movement to support the blind. A single, precious vineyard bears his name today on the famous hill of Hermitage: Monier de la Sizeranne Hermitage. We are delighted to offer oenophiles, collectors, and wine hobbyists, the chance to buy a mixed case of twelve M. Chapoutier wines which will include a single bottle of the flagship Monier de Sizeranne Hermitage 2015, usually £87.00 per bottle, offered now as part of this mixed taster case for just £45.00. The full case of twelve (7 red, 4 white, 1 rosé), will come with tasting notes, delivered to your home for £225.00. Email your order, or enquiry, to . FREE DELIVERY. Offer ends 16th April 2021. Tel (01206) 271 236 Opening hours 10am-6.30pm Monday-Saturday


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