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Adnams Southwold Brewery

Last week`s blog was all about a couple of new beers we added to our beer selection in the shop, having tasted them out and about in pubs.  It seems remiss now not to mention some of the others we have in the shop, because some of these, also, have been accumulated, over time, many from tasting them on our travels. All in the name of research, of course! For example, I recall tasting our Adnams Southwold Bitter on holiday at The Swan in Southwold, back in 2001, with fish `n` Chips. I had bought The Wine Centre in 1999 from the Greene King brewery, so I had started trading with just the Greene King range of ales. I was happy enough carrying on the GK tradition, until that moment. I was excited to learn all about Adnams Southwold and Fuggle hops, and how its clean bitterness cuts nicely through fatty meats, such as roasted lamb, and, of course, fatty fish batter. Even now I can`t help but smile when I call my weekly orders through, and I`m put on hold to the sounds of seagulls!  Much later I discovered Adnams Ghost Ship (4.5% ABV), not long after its launch in 2010. We were staying in a little room above The Bell Inn at Walberswick on the Suffolk coast, down from Southwold, and they were serving the latest Adnams brew which had attractive citrus fruit characters, from mostly Citra hops, and a trace of silky caramel; a brew inspired by the very pub we were in! Apparently, there had been unexplained shipwrecks, and being an Adnams pub they decided to capitalise on the story and launch a Halloween beer, “a ghostly pale ale”.  My personal favourite, however, is Adnams Broadside (6.3%). It`s a dark ruby red colour and luxurious. There was no one moment with Broadside, for me, rather I grew to love it.  I simply adore its chocolatey fruitcake richness. Next week I will introduce another brew I discovered while out and about in Suffolk, which led me to an old acquaintance – a stout from my past. Cheers everyone. 

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