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A wonderful summer`s evening

Our latest Deli & Wine Supper “Table of Eighteen” was a joy – so glad we have reclaimed our garden after last year`s oil leak and the devastation it caused. You would never know it to look on the garden last night. Moreover, Mrs Borges added twinkle and candles, which, together with my old fire pit and the Spanish guitar music, created the scene for a lovely night. The food, by Tony Bell, was sourced almost entirely from our shop, in the deli/tapas style – including my favourite bites the Cod Roe roasted peppers and the anchovy-tapenade palmiers.  These were accompanied by our Barbadillo Manzanilla, a delicious combination which transported me back to halcyon days in Jerez, Andalucia – I was there for a moment, the strumming of that guitar and the heady aroma of Manzanilla. Only moments previously we had ventured to South America and Chile,  our aperitif a tasty, crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Casablanca Valley. Moments later we were basking in the south of France, with pale, dry vin Rose – and the whiff of garigues. Then like magic returned to Chile and Los Gonsos with its ripe, peachy flavours – delicious with the smoked salmon. And following the fish platters our guests went on to graze the meat platters and the cheese platters with the reds, through Italy, USA and Argentina. I like to think we encompassed a multitude of cultures at the one table, reflecting the worldwide love of smoked fish, cured meats and aged cheeses we all share and enjoy so much with our wines.

Ventisquero Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Chile, £9.99 – aperitif

The Sauvignon Blanc grape remains ever popular, in particular from NZ and Chile. This one from Casablanca Valley has a citrus/ mineral quality which is refreshing with a crisp acidity which cuts nicely through oily fish and partners well with seafood and salads.

Barbadillo Manzanilla, Spain £10.99  

This very Spanish aperitif is traditionally enjoyed with olives, but anything salty works (salted nuts, anchovy-palmiers, fresh anchovies, tapenade, eel slices, smoked fish, tapas etc.) The darker dry sherries are more suited to charcuterie and smoked meats.

Pasquiers Grenache-Cinsault Rosé 2016, France, £7.99

Our bestselling Rosé is from Languedoc, south of France. Although perfectly dry, it has a bitter-sweet note mid-palate which is delicious on a hot muggy day, and is especially enjoyable with Paella, tapas and charcuterie. The berry like flavours and crisp acidity should complement almost everything on your platter this evening.

Los Gansos Gewurztraminer 2016, Chile, £9.99

This fragrant white wine by Cono Sur has delicious notes of ripe peach, apricot and lychee. The wine is perfect with Asian food, but this evening we recommend trying it with the smoked fish and chicken. It also drinks well on its own.

Fantini Sangiovese Terre di Chieti 2016, Italy £11.99

A Sangiovese from the Adriatic coast of the Abruzzo. Wild cherries and a leafy character leap from the glass. Notes of strawberry and Morello cherry persist throughout with subtle background notes of vanilla. This well-rounded red is a banker for Puttanesca, and grilled/roasted red meat, as well as the smoked meats and charcuterie served this evening.

Scotto Old Vine Zinfandel 2013, Ca. USA £10.99

This fruit-driven, lightly spiced brambly red is a classic Zinfandel. At its core is an intense chocolatey plum/cassis intensity which is delicious on its own and with barbecued meats, or any smoked meats. However, it is also superb with a wide range of cheeses, especially hard cheeses.  

Luigi Bosca “La Linda” Malbec, Mendoza 2014, Argentina £11.99

We finish with another classic fruit-driven spiced red, in-vogue Malbec grown high in the Mendoza. Cherries and spices prevail and a luxurious velvety mouthfeel. For some the ultimate steak wine.


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