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A White Christmas

The dulcet tones of Nat King Cole greeted me in the shop this morning, as did the smell of my wife`s mince pies. Time of writing, Tuesday 15th. All seemed well with the world. Indeed, I half expected a robin to appear in the window to wish me a good day. Instead, the phone rang. A customer to say thank you.  A parcel destined for his 94-year old mother in Glasgow was found to be broken on arrival. We had dispatched a new hamper immediately and he had just called to say it had arrived intact and how pleased she was. My day just got better. Then a customer walked through the door. He had a big smile on his covered face; you could tell by the glint in his eyes and the pinched crows of his eyes. He had come to buy a mixed case. We chatted about wine while he dropped bottles into his box, and when I carried it out to his car, a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds and fell on me. I could feel the warmth of it on my face.  I thought: Today is a good day!  Indeed, the feeling of wellbeing continued throughout the day. I always enjoy the company of my colleagues, but today they seemed to me especially motivated and in good spirits, and despite the small queue building outside, and the need for social distancing, our customers were chatting contentedly with each other, smiles all round, and the vibe in the shop was festive and fun. I asked my wife that evening: “Was it me, or was everyone especially happy today?” She said, “It`s Christmas, darling, there`s magic in the air”. Despite the coronavirus, the restrictions, and the terrible weather we have endured for most of the last month, I sense the best of people emerging. The spirit of Christmas is as strong as ever. All we need now is a White Christmas, and a robin in the window. Happy Christmas everyone!


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