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Wine with seafood

There`s little better than a tasty fish and a glass of delicious wine. At home we`ll bake salmon fillets once a week during the summer months. Most recently we coupled the creamy fillet with in-season broad beans, new potatoes and a knob of butter, and we washed it all down with the lovely Clos des Fou Chardonnay, a wine from Cachapoal Valley in Chile. The wine is a perfectly delicious alternative to France`s white burgundy, a beautiful yellow-gold-green colour with blossomy white fruit aromas and a gorgeous lick of (matching) butter mid-palate. Turbot and Dover Sole would work just as well with this wine, as would creamy fish pie. We also like to bake whole mackerel and trout. Both are on the oily side, so we generally pick crisp, decisive white wines to cut through them. Last time it was mackerel with Belisario`s Verdicchio di Matelica from the Marche region in Italy. It was spot on, cleansing the palate as would a crisp bite of green apple. With trout, slightly meaty, we favour our Picpoul de Pinet by Baron de Badassière from the Languedoc region of France. The wine is refreshing, with attractive weight, fruit and acidity in perfect balance. It has `poise` as we say in the wine industry – the more appealing for being held in check – yet when combined with the trout, the wine seemingly bursts with bright notes of yellow plum, greengage and lime. Oh joy! Skate, Halibut, Cod, Haddock and Monkfish are equally good choices. Of course, your wine choice might well be influenced by the sauce you serve with your fish. Add a curried sauce or perhaps saffron to flaky Cod and it`s a different experience entirely. We would probably choose an aromatic, lightly spiced Pinot Gris from Alsace. Or a Viognier from the Pays d`Oc. But it`s not always white wine with fish. With meaty Tuna, for example – this time of year served with Salade Niçoise in our house – my personal favourite is a decent, slightly chilled Pinot Noir. Try Giant Steps Yarra Valley P-N for a real treat!

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