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Wine in Paradise

Behind every wine label in our shop there`s a human story. It`s one of the reasons for my love of wine. I might well extol the virtues of a wine and speak of how it tastes, or with what food it pairs well; but often I am transported to its place of origin and to those who have produced it, especially if I have myself been there – seen it, touched it, experienced it. Because in my mind this is the essence of it. I like to feel the soil between my fingers – taste the grapes – meet the people. Most recently on a buying trip to Languedoc I visited Chateau Capion.  On this occasion I took my wife Janet.  We were invited to stay over in Ch Capion`s guest house where we were surrounded by vineyards; about as perfect a setting as you can imagine.  It was harvest, a busy time of year, and the winery was humming. There was a sense of magic about the place, and at dusk it turned into a party atmosphere when the owners invited us to join them for a barbecue. An engaging couple, they were clearly dedicated to producing the best possible wines, no expense spared, and their enthusiasm was enthralling. Moreover, the wines were delicious. One of the standouts was Ch Capion `Le Chemin des Garennes 2016`, a golden savoury-tasting wine produced from 90% Roussanne grapes, with an underlying richness. It was superb with the chicken liver paté. The new 2018 vintage Roussanne was due to be picked at 5am the next morning and we were going to help – except at 4.30am we awoke to torrential rain, which meant the Roussanne picking was to be postponed, and we were able to enjoy a couple of hours more sleep with fur throw pillows!  When we woke the bright sun was shining down on the vineyards around us, the morning dew glistening with just a whisper of mist still in the valley, and with a feeling of pure joy we breakfasted in paradise.   This will forever be our Ch. Capion `story`.

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