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Covid: Catalyst for Change

Hello everyone

Covid has been many things to many different people. I know of some businesses for whom this has been devastating. Others, The Wine Centre included, have done extremely well.  What divides failure from success can simply be the nature of the business. Wine shops selling directly to consumers have generally done well; however, wine wholesale selling to restaurants have faltered. Internet companies have generally done better than shops, shops better than hospitality. One thing in common with all businesses during Covid, however, is we are reacting according to our own circumstance, as best we possibly can. We change, because, we are obliged to change. This appears, of itself, to have had an invigorating and stimulating effect. Covid forced a great many employees to work from home, and many companies found this to be not only more productive, but cost saving. Big bosses are re-evaluating their business models, considering vacating their expensive city offices; while their employees are considering extensions to their houses for bigger home offices, embracing the idea of a stay-at-home life, cutting down on commuting. Others, living in tiny city flats with stamp-size gardens, are looking to move out to the country, renting or buying twice the house they had in city life. Our own boy James, now 32, is doing just that, opting for a life change with his girlfriend.  Still others are looking to change jobs, either forced, due to redundancy, or because they too have been caught up in these shifting sands. Many having been furloughed for months are now feeling energized, often with an appetite for change.  The status quo is unravelling.    And yes, we, also, have been affected.   We have decided it`s time to flirt with retirement. With immediate effect The Wine Centre is up for sale (Christie & Co). They say it takes an average three years to sell a business, so it`s business as usual for the foreseeable future; but we have started the process, and that`s the point. Covid, the catalyst for change.



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