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What`s a fair price to pay for wine?

Wine consumers broadly fall into two camps. The supermarket shopper who pays around £5-6 per bottle, and the hobbyist, the wine lover, who is happy to pay upward of £10. The latter are more inclined to shop with us, for we share their passion, and this is expressed in the wines we stock, many of them small-scale producers, family businesses, who place quality and authenticity above price. We still seek to offer value, but we recognise you generally get what you pay for, in wine and in life. And we abhor the supermarket discount culture, the marking up to discount back strategy to sell wine, which drives consumer love for “a deal”. Rather, we believe in paying, and fetching, a fair price. By comparison, it`s the nature of a supermarket chain to be price and discount led, requiring high volume producers to fill their shelves to their specifications at the required discounted prices. Indeed, many of the big-name mail order companies adopt the same approach. The necessary pressure is applied, and the deal is struck, a `win, win` you might think, with consumers benefitting as well from the favourable retail price.  Except, it`s not sustainable. And if the wine is not compromised, to hit the price point, then it almost certainly will be the following year, the wine diluted with higher yields in an effort by the producer to make a profit.  But also, it`s the wrong way round. It`s no longer so authentic, being produced to a fake specification and low price point. It`s a race-to-the-bottom.  The consumer may well be attracted by a half-price supermarket Fleurie, but it won`t taste anything like the Dominque Morel Fleurie we stock. I would go so far as to suggest they risk harming the name Fleurie itself.  Driving prices down promotes mediocrity not quality. Moreover, the average consumer looking at our prices will, unless they know the difference, conclude we are expensive. They would be wrong, comparing apples with oranges, but we may never get the chance to demonstrate this.

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