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Time to reflect

The new year is time to reflect.  We look back at the highs and lows of the previous year, and we look forward. With the world as it is, it is easy enough to despair, and our personal challenges can be even more unsettling. A lot of people are especially worried about Brexit. There has been much said in the media about our economy crashing and an uncertain future, and people are naturally worried.  The politicians contradict each other and it`s frankly hard to know the difference between news and propaganda (“fake news”).  Somewhere in all of this we take sides, be that left, right, in, out, Remainer and Brexiteer. We adopt a position and defend it rigorously, choosing to listen to our side`s point of view while ignoring the counter argument. Well, in 2019 perhaps we should all just calm down. Truth is none of us can be sure what`s the best for our country; so just maybe we should all try to be a little less sure of ourselves. Let`s bring the heat out of the debate and talk sensibly, can we? Would it really be so awful to stay locked in close to the EU? On the other hand, is it just possible that an outward looking and wholly independent United Kingdom can make for a better Britain? And if we can`t agree, can we not agree to disagree? We are, after all, supposed to be a tolerant people, are we not? Despite the cold and worrying times, January is the birth of a new calendar year, and time, if we can, to be optimistic and seek opportunity. Join the gym, possibly; get fit and meet new people. Plan the summer holiday. A new job, perhaps. Brexit or no Brexit let`s try to be positive, can we please?   One last thought – and this is a wine column after all – let ALL OF US drink better wine. BETTER, and, LESS. Because a little fine wine is good for you, and it will make you feel better.  Happy new year, everyone.

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