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The darker nights ahead

We have seen some fantastic innovation since Covid 19 came upon us, not least from young people, and it`s a joy to behold. In recent blogs I have referred to caterers Dominic Carter and Emma Bennett`s latest adventure, The Food Station Mobile, bringing quality food direct to you, the customer.  They will be parking in our Gt Horkesley car park Fridays 5.30-7.30pm, teaming up with us to deliver great food with our cheeses and matching wines. And they will be popping up all over Essex and Suffolk, bringing joy to all the communities in the run to Christmas.  Well done them. A great many restaurateurs have done equally well; unable to invite guests into their premises during lockdown, they took up deliveries. If lockdown happens again, God Forbid, we know we can trust in them to make good, and service will quickly resume in one shape or other. Shop owners, us included, had to quickly improvise to make shopping safe, and now we look ahead to our next challenge just round the corner: Christmas, the dark, the cold.  Still, on the bright side, tonight, 23rd October, is the first of our “Dining & Wining at Home” Friday nights, Japanese Beef Ramen & Pecan Pie, the first of many to cheer us all up as the nights get darker. Next Friday, 30th, it`s South Indian Seafood Curry & Lemon Posset.  6th November is Beef Bourguignon… I could go on (I`m salivating). If you would like to book your `chef`s takeout` for any or all of these, telephone Dom and Emma on 07587 196 496 or email . You can also order our matching wine of the week to accompany the main. Incidentally, if you would like to pick up cheese and biscuits as well, phone us on 01206 271 236 during opening hours 10am-6.30pm and you can collect it together with the food. Or simply pop into the shop before we close at 6.30pm. Full details available at (click on blog for menus). Pickup in our Gt Horkesley car park Fridays 5.30-7.30pm. Cheers everyone.

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