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Support local and British

Just five weeks to Christmas Day and end of lockdown within our sights. Thankfully, The Wine Centre is still trading, working hard to make the shop festive, welcome, and safe. Others have been less fortunate. Before lockdown, The Crown in Stoke by Nayland did a brilliant job of incorporating a marquee in the garden, creating a new outdoor space. The Anchor, Nayland, went one further, extending their indoor space. The owners, at considerable expense, built a new glass house, which is delightful. Well done them. We should all support their efforts by booking tables, just as soon as we can.  Indeed, I have no doubt at all that everyone`s local store, pub, and restaurant, wherever you happen to be, will be needing your support, in these impossibly difficult times. I say: Use them. Or lose them! Instead of turning to the internet and Amazon for Christmas gifts, buy local. Instead of going to the multiples, shop with small independents. And buy British. British holidays, British cars, British food & drink.  Our economy depends on it. What better time, with the post-Brexit transition period nearly up, and Covid in our midst, than to dig deep and do our bit for the country.  Whether you were for “leave” or “remain”, I say this is time for us all to come together, figuratively I mean, and to put the old struggles behind us.  We need those old divisions cast aside. We have left the European Union already, back in January, now let`s get on with making Britain a country we are all proud of. I know everyone is going crazy with lockdown and the coronavirus, and the future may seem bleak, but let`s try to be positive. After all, we can still hope to have our families with us this Christmas. And for many of us, there is so much to be grateful for. On New Year`s eve let`s all raise our glasses and toast the new era in, a fresh start, working together. Cheers everyone!

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