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Share a Cup of Kindness

Halloween tomorrow. Will our children be trick and treating, I wonder? Or given the pandemic will our young mums and dads distract them at home, to keep everyone safe?  Guy-Fawkes next week. Who among us will be in our gardens, with bonfires, fireworks, and sparklers? I know a few people, with dogs and cats, who would like to be spared this year. To say nothing of our wildlife! Our General Hospital A&E could do without the usual burns as well.  But am I being a killjoy? Well, maybe I am. But surely, for once, this year, can we NOT reap havoc all around please?  Let`s all be especially kind instead. Check on the elderly couple next door, perhaps? Get the children to make them a Halloween card?  And then there`s Christmas!  I wonder what`s in store for us all, this year? I suspect most of us will revert to the nuclear family, the smallest possible unit, avoiding travel and mixing households. Which means there will be folk out there who are isolated and lonely. Let`s not forget them. A hamper gift for Christmas is a sure way to make them smile. I`ve seen the happiness they bring to people, and we are delighted to put them together for you. We can mail them anywhere in the country for you too. Even just a single bottle of wine will do the trick, a bottle to open on Christmas day. This year, as never before, would speak volumes. A nice comforting bottle of Cotes du Rhone Villages, say?  Perhaps a big bottle, a magnum, for the extended family? Or a gin hamper? They can be fun: Colchester`s own Jumbo gin and a mix of Fever Tree tonics, makes a great gift. And we can do cheese hampers too, of course, with some of the best cheese money can buy.  But a word of warning: Be sure to get your orders in early, this year; our couriers will have their work cut out for them, to be sure. Cheers everyone!

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