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September, the month of plenty

Eating seasonally, especially from produce grown locally, can be hugely rewarding. And no better time to do so than late August, early September, when our gardens burst forth with colour, of big fat red juicy tomatoes, and blue-mauve Victoria plums. We bake apple and blackberry pies. We feast on the humongous courgettes we have grown in pots – ours in 2020 record breaking! Others take the same pride and joy from growing squashes and pumpkins, which might well by now be very tasty. I suggest throwing one in a fire pit until charcoal-black, alternatively fill one with cream and cheese for baking. But it`s also mushroom season, which is just getting going about now, when foragers start hunting for ceps and other delicacies. These, wonderful fried in butter, make for a perfect match with Suffolk`s own Giffords Hall Pinot Noir 2018, a translucent light red wine with red fruits and forest floor overtones. The flesh of the mushroom, itself quite meaty with an earthy taste, has the effect of brightening and intensifying the fruit in the wine, which is delicious. Wines come into their own with September`s seafood harvest as well: Giffords Hall Bacchus 2019 dry white wine with Colchester oysters, why not? The pale white wine has a distinctive elderflower note, green crunchy fruits and a mineral, flinty streak, which, with oysters, and with our local mackerel for that matter, makes for a tasty combination.    So, in case you had not picked up on my gist here, I am advocating an appreciation, generally, of the seasons, and in the here and now, I am giving a big hoorah for September. But I am also pointing out that wine, too, is for the seasons.   Root vegetables are on the way and before long we will all be enjoying hearty casseroles and full-bodied reds to accompany the chillier temperatures; let`s embrace this last slice of summer, before, finally, we put our barbecues away and accept that Autumn and then Winter are on us.  Cheers everyone.

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