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Restaurant dining, at home


How is everyone? How`s the wine drinking going? I know some people have been drinking and eating more than they should during lockdown, putting on the pounds. Others have used their isolation to lose weight and get fit, so abstinence has been their choice. In my house we have been drinking and eating no more and no less, I`d say. I am weighing in exactly what I was back then, about a stone too heavy. And my wife remains the slender figure she always was, naturally.  True, we have been working all this time (essential workers, you know), but we have also been walking a lot, and my wife does whatever she does on her yoga mat. What we have also been doing is enjoying our treats, and if anything, we have been drinking better quality wines. And we justify these small extravagances because we are spending less elsewhere: no dining out, no cinema, no theatre, no travel, no holiday, and so on.  One favourite treat is ordering in takeaways and opening the appropriate wine, or wines, to go with them. We`ve done this on zoom, with friends, as well as privately, for our own indulgence. The last time, for our anniversary, was very special indeed. We booked our meals from The Food Station (in normal times chef Dominic Carter does our wine-tasting dinners, now he is offering gourmet meals delivered to your door). We had his amazing venison mustard pie, followed by the lemon tart. The “pie and veg” was accompanied by  J. Lohr `Seven Oaks` Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Paso Robles in California, deliciously expressive, velvet-smooth, airy and fragrant; and with the tart we chose a half-bottle of NZ`s  Tinpot Hut Late Harvest Riesling 2013, an unctuous sweet wine with marmalade zest, matching the twang of the lemon. Oh joy!  Restaurant dining, at home – this could catch on! Check them out ; for our part, we would be happy to recommend a wine, or wines, to your budget. Tel 01206 271 236 during opening hours 10am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday.


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