Clos du Fous Pair


Clos des Fous Chardonnay “Locura 1” Terroir de los Andes– Fous in French translates as ‘crazy men’ and the wine labelled such due to the winemakers always looking to push the boundaries of Chilean winemaking and viticulture. There are flavours of white peach, pear and white flower blossom. A persistent and mineral finish.

Clos des Fous Pour Ma Gueule– The name is a French expression ‘for my gob’, a term used to describe a stash of wine for the producer to drink with family and friends. This is an interesting blend using the Pais variety also known as the ‘mission’ grape. It is a full bodied and fruit driven style of red using only old oak as to not impart any woody characters.


  • Clos des Fous Chardonnay "Locura 1"
  • Clos des Fous Pour Ma Gueule

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