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In difficult times..

Hello everyone!

Here we all are, already, in the wet of the Autumn stretch and the lead to Christmas, and Winter. Our garden is covered in leaves again, and the gutters are full of sludge. The nights are getting darker sooner. We are struggling with having to wear our masks anywhere and everywhere we go; and stoically we continue to wash our hands, and keep our distances, even when it feels a drain to have to always think about doing so. The news is ever more depressing on the television and radio, and we turn to Netflix, a good book and to music, as never before. We look to escape. The future does not look great, frankly, and already we are weary of it all. More lockdown coming, higher unemployment, more debt. And now I am depressing you all even more in this newspaper, in a column designed to convey a little light relief! But I was reminded, last night, of one of the good things about the here and now.  It is our time, ladies and gentlemen, for stews and casseroles, and for full-bodied red wines! Oh joy! Yes, we can still enjoy our food and wine, and perhaps it doesn’t matter so much if we put on a few pounds. We can just slip on a baggy jumper, after all. Let`s be easy on ourselves, and kind to others. In such times we need slack, and a kind word, more than ever; and we need our treats, to keep us going. Which reminds me, don`t forget we kick off with our “Dining and Wining at Home” programme next week. Delicious hot food by one of the best young chefs in East Anglia, served from their mobile food station in our Gt Horkesley car park Fridays 5.30-7.30pm. A chance to get together with family and friends and celebrate the good that is here and now. Pre- orders advised on 07587 196 496 or by email . View: . Next week Japanese Beef Ramen & Pecan Pie on the menu. Enjoy everyone!



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