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Hurry up with those Christmas orders

Three weeks to Christmas. If you have not organized delivery of your hampers and wine gifts yet, well, you had better get on with it! Courier companies are just about coping, currently, but they are under more pressure than ever. Waiting until the last minute will not help anybody. Perhaps you have not chosen your gifts yet? Men, especially, are known for the stereotypical last-minute-dash. Take it from me, you are better doing it now. This year, if never again, shop early – and then sit back. Just think how smug you will feel getting it all done with a week or two to spare! There`s also the Christmas food shopping for many of you to think about: the smoked salmon, the turkey, the cheeses. You can order it all here, but please, do so now if you have not already. We don`t know what havoc the coronavirus will cause in the supply line, so don`t take risks being late with your food orders. By the same token, we are recommending customers pick-up their wine and food orders early this year, or as soon as is practicable, for peace of mind. After all, there is always a chance of the virus disrupting services here, in the Gt Horkesley shop, as well. PLEASE NO. At any rate, the sooner your food order is tucked away safely at home, the easier you will sleep, no doubt. Then, it`s just a matter of second-guessing who is coming for Christmas day!  And, of course, there`s always the last-minute bits, not least the turkey. Santa brings your G&J turkeys to Gt Horkesley early on December 23rd, before he sets off round the world delivering gifts to the world`s children. Being so busy, and given the coronavirus is still with us, he asks that everyone collects their turkeys from the shop, please, any time after 11am same day.  Gives our elf just enough time to get the mince pies out and sprinkle the magic dust for a day of festivity. Cheers everyone!


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