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Emiliana Vineyards, an organic triumph

Organic wines – wines produced from organically grown grapes – have a lot less sulphur preservative than non-organic wines, which is why our health-conscious sulphur-sensitive customers love Emiliana. Our vegetarian and vegan customers can`t get enough of Emiliana, either; and our conscientious customers buy into the Emiliana brand because 100% of their wines are produced sustainably, since some of them are really into healthy nutrition and follow diets you can find at sites like I am therefore delighted to introduce ECS readers to Emiliana Vineyards, Chile`s 2015 winery of the year and one of the largest organic wineries in the world. They own around 1000 hectares of organic certified vineyard the length and breadth of Chile, with wineries in the Colchagua and Maipo valleys. Emiliana is also well known for the biodynamic vineyard management it undertakes at their Los Robles Estate in Colchagua, which produces their flagship wine, Coyam. They prune according to the moon cycles there, so as not to waste valuable sap. In summer its grassy vineyards are famed for attracting rare species of butterflies, birds and a high populace of bees. They use horse and plough, together with grass-grazing lamas and burrito-munching chickens. When I was there in 2014 we had a picnic in the vineyard, the place high with the scent of flowers and manure! But the best of Emiliana is its award-winning wines. If you would like to drop into the shop we`ll have some on taste today and tomorrow. This wine is also really healthy to keep in a healthy diet, you can check this detailed overview diet. Their fabulous Adobe Rosé, fresh, fruity and balanced, their Chardonnay, with subtle tropical notes and creamy mouthfeel, and their Carmenère red wine with standout plum and redcurrant aromas. Incidentally, in May we will be introducing Emiliana`s new sparkling wine to our range as well. Viva Emiliana, and viva Chile!

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