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Chupalla crazy in Horkesley



Doug looking very dapper in his Chupalla!

Check out our facebook and twitter feed  for some others who have been going Chupalla crazy in Horkesley this month as part of our Wines of Chile promotional campaign.

Incidentally, for those who are not yet “in the know”, the the very cool Chupalla is Chile`s national hat, a distinctive wide-brimmed   straw hat traditionally sported by  horsemen. The hat is also used by folk-dancers, and  in the countryside by field workers to protect them from the heat (and I have personally witnessed quite a few gentlemen wearing them out and about in Santiago!).  In case you were wondering, our own version, modeled by Doug here, is in fact a cardboard cutout! Viva Chile!!!

Cheers to you all,

Anthony Borges