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By George that was good… 31/3/17

My thanks to George Randall, guest speaker, for an impressive presentation. George waxed lyrical, a shining light under which we all basked. Well done, young man!

Guest speaker: George Randall – Host: Anthony Borges –

Chef: Jon Cutts

Wines of France versus Rest of the World

We did not not go head to head, comparing like for like, rather we appraised each wine in its own right, one at a time, judging its quality, authenticity and value for money. We scored wines out of 20 and between us, at the end of the evening, determined  which faired best: France, or Rest of the World. And the winner was…… first take a look at the selection of wines and the delicious food we enjoyed with them. Chef Jon Cutts, previously Demi Chef de Partie at Buckingham Palace and most recently head chef for Jam Tartz,  is now self employed and for private hire. He comes thoroughly recommended.



Cotes du Rhone Blanc , La Fleur Solitaire £11.99

Domaine du Petit Metris Savenieres £18.99

Montagny 1er Cru Les Jardins Feillat-Juillot £26.99

Rest of the world

Emiliana Signos De Origen `La Vinilla` Casablanca Valley (Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne) £14.99


Seguret Rhone, Boutinot £16.99

Rest of the world

Kloster Eberbach Crescentia , Spatburgunder (trocken) £26.99

Emiliana “Coyam”, £24.99

Cadus Malbec, £16.99


One wild card served `blind` – guess France or Rest of the World

Price point: £


Mussel & crab tart with a light curried mayonnaise.

Potted rabbit with piccalilli & sourdough toast.

Roasted pork loin with Smoked bacon & sherry puy lentils with spinach

Cheese Platter

The results:

One guest for France, three guests a  tie and the  rest of the table : Rest of the World.

Winning wine: the amazing Emiliana Signos De Origen, white wine of Chile. A real beauty from Casablanca Valley.

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