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Burgundy and food

Most of Burgundy`s red wines are produced from the delicate but richly complex Pinot Noir grape, a devil to grow but often highly rewarding. At their simple best they are attractive and light with pure, cherry-like flavours. Richer pickings can be silky-rich with truffle-like aromas. Names such as Richebourg, Romanee-Conti and La Tache are legendary.   Simple Bourgogne Rouge famously matches Coq au Vin but also game casseroles. They are also a wonderful accompaniment to the Sunday Roast, chicken or beef, with a flavoursome, meaty gravy. Richer more expensive reds (especially mature reds) are ideal with simply roasted duck, rabbit or pheasant, or leg of beef.   The whites are produced from the much more accommodating Chardonnay grape which ranges in style from flinty and mineral to rich and buttery. What nearly all of them have in common is their affinity to the local cuisine and to food generally.  Young Chablis is a perfect match for oysters, while Chassagne-Montrachet, for example, is a superb choice with turbot, sole or monkfish. The crisper styles are generally matched with the region`s creamy dishes as well (try Beaune with fish pie), and their fish stew or Bouillabaisse may be enjoyed with either red or white. The bigger whites – indeed, the Great Whites – should be reserved for the richest and best fish, alternatively with lobster or scallops. Incidentally, just as red Burgundy may be chosen with fish (especially when a red wine sauce is used), so may the whites be wholly enjoyed with meats. The region`s classic is Meursault with chicken and truffles (or ceps), but also roast veal, duck and goose. If your pockets are not deep enough, I recommend our Macon wines for less than half the price, the perfect choice wine to match your roast chicken. Finally, from the south of the region we find Beaujolais produced from the Gamay grape grown on decomposed granite. These fragrant reds match magnificently with charcuterie. Why not try ours, by Nicolas Potel, £13.99 per bottle – it`s delicious!

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