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Break with traditon

Let`s break with tradition. Everyone knows white wine goes with fish, but why not try a decent Pinot Noir with red snapper in red wine butter sauce, or with bouillabaisse. Or try one with Salade Niçoise using tuna steaks and our Italian mixed olives atop – it`s a blinder! Another one: let`s break with white wine and white meat; instead try Rioja with pork or with chicken and chorizo casserole. Now let`s try that backwards: white wine with red meat. Can that work? Yes it can: with cold cuts full-bodied whites come into their own, and Vintage Champagne is text book if you like bubbles. Of course there are no hard and fast rules. We can drink what we like after all. In Germany it is the practice to drink high quality dry Riesling with goose; I would prefer one of their delicious Spätburgunder reds; for some only red will do.  Incidentally a customer also told me that with the right stuffing – involving ginger and apricots – a Gewürztraminer can also be great with fatty goose. It`s also been suggested that a fillet of beef steak with Champagne works well, the point of view being if a high acid Riesling can work with fatty goose, why not a high acid Champagne with fatty steak… but this is going too far for me. Why pass up an opportunity for a steak worthy red, after all… Next time you are planning your dinner come talk to us at The Wine Centre in Great Horkesley. We can suggest matching wines, of course, but also perhaps we can put our minds together and tinker with the menu for something just a little bit different….

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