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Great Horkesley 2014 Wine Festival

All your questions answered, plus a full list of the wines on offer:

Great Horkesley 2014 Wine Festival

The Occasion

Welcome to our 12th wine festival in the Garden. This year we remember D-Day, the heroes and the fallen. 70 years ago today, in 1944, the Allied Forces landed in occupied France along a 50 mile stretch of the Normandy coast – the largest amphibious invasion in world history – in what was a decisive blow against Nazi Germany and a turning point in the war, eventually leading to victory in May 1945. We remember and we honour the courageous young men and women who fought and died for us there on the beaches, so that we may have our freedom.

The Tasting

You each have just one glass (Riedel), so please keep it with you for the evening.  There is no particular order in which you are to taste, so please roam from table to table freely; however, be sure to rinse your glass with water between white, red and sweet wines.  There are 60 wines in total, so for maximum enjoyment please do use the spittoons and drink plenty of water.  Enjoy the wines alongside our tasty deli foods but watch out for any food/wine clashes, such as tannic reds alongside fish – the wine is likely to turn metallic in your mouth!  The wines themselves are fine examples of their type by some of the best winemakers in the world, so enjoy!

Your Wine Orders

The wines on offer this evening are new vintage wines. Stocks of many of these wines have only recently arrived in the UK, sitting now in London ready for dispatch to Gt Horkesley next week. Place your wine orders with us this evening and we`ll have them delivered here by Saturday 14th June for you to collect at your convenience.  There is no minimum order – a single bottle of your favourite wine will suffice – however, should you order six bottles or more you will receive 10% discount. Please ask if delivery is required.

Carry on the Party

The tasting finishes at 9pm when the bar will open, with drinks served at shop prices. There will be fresh beers, champagnes and more wines from our visiting winemakers, including some mature vintages which we currently have in stock. A separate list can be seen on the bar. The Chilli Con Carne suppers will be served asap after 9.15pm.

Special thanks to the Yew Tree for the use of their car park in support of this evening`s event. Feel free to leave your cars there overnight. We suggest, if you are able to walk to The Yew Tree, that you meet your taxis there (to avoid the congestion in our own car park). They will be serving coffees from 10pm to 11pm so you might like to take advantage of their hospitality while you wait for your lift!

Please do not drink and drive.

Thank you everyone – safe journey home.

Anthony Borges,


(01206) 271 236

Bottle sizes are all 75cl unless specified

Table 1 – Trentham, Hollick, Glenelly and The Curator

Presented by Julie and Robin Maitland, Seckford Agencies

Wines presented by Julie Maitland and her son Robin, both of Seckford Wine Agencies who represent the UK interests of all the wineries here today. Seckford is a key supplier to The Wine Centre and coincidentally the Maitland’s are also family!! This evening they are showcasing a selection of wines from the Trentham and Hollick estates, as well as new wines in-store, Glenelly and The Curator.

1)   Trentham Pinot Noir Classic, Murray River Valley, NSW, Australia 2013 (red) £11.99

2)   Trentham Nebbiolo, La Famiglia, Murray River Valley, NSW, Australia 2012 (red) £12.99

3)   Trentham Heathcote Shiraz, Family Reserve, Murray River Valley, NSW, Australia 2009 (red) £18.99

4)   Trentham Noble Taminga, Murray River Valley, NSW, Australia 2010 Half Bottle 37.5cl (sweet) £9.99

5)   Hollick Tannery Block Cab Sauv/Merlot, Coonawarra, Australia 2010 (red) £19.99

6)   Hollick Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, Australia 2010 (red) £23.99

7)   Hollick The Nectar Botrytis Riesling, Coonawarra, Australia 2011 Half Bottle 37.5cl (sweet) £15.99

8)   Grand Vin de Glenelly (Shiraz/Cab Sauv/Merlot/Petit Verdot) Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2008  (red) £17.99

9)   The Curator (Shiraz/Mourvedre/Cinsaut/Viognier), Swartland, S. Africa 2011 (red) £9.99

Table 2 – Stanley Estates

Presented by Steve Pellet, Owner

With degrees in horticulture from the University of Bath, Steve Pellett and Bridget Ennals set off, in true intrepid explorer mode, to travel through Africa then back to the UK to work as fruit technologists. But it was another two years before they found the place where they wanted to put down their roots: and that place was at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, under the cool gaze of Mount Tapuae-O-Uenuku (the footprint of the rainbow) in Marlborough’s spectacular Awatere Valley near Blenheim.

They signed up early to the NZ Sustainable Wine growing programme, as they saw this as being the basis and philosophy of their vineyard practices. Such care and attention to detail has really paid dividends – their Sauvignon Blanc, in particular, being a major award-winner.

10)       Stanley Estates Albarino, Marlborough New Zealand  2012 50cl (white) £17.99

11)       Stanley Estates Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand 2013 (white) £14.99

12)       Stanley Estates Pinot Gris, Marlborough New Zealand 2012 (white) £16.99

13)       Stanley Estates Pinot Noir, Marlborough New Zealand 2011 (red) £20.99

14)       Stanley Estates Noble Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Half Bottle 37.5cl  (sweet) £14.99

Table 3 – Escarpment

Presented by Larry McKenna, Owner/Winemaker

Larry McKenna – otherwise known as Larry McPinot – is the man behind Escarpment located in NZ`s famous Martinborough vineyards. His name goes hand-in-hand with the best quality Pinot Noir from New Zealand. Anthony and Janet visited Larry in New Zealand in 2010 and later that same year he presided over an unforgettable wine-tasting dinner here at The Wine Centre.  We are delighted to welcome him back.

Escarpment is registered as a Sustainable NZ producer and is currently following a 5 year plan to become organically certified. The vineyards are sited above a natural escarpment above the Huarangarua River on ancient gravels. Overlooking them are the Aorangi Ranges where Maori  legend has it that the Polynesian voyager Kupe  abandoned 3 canoes. The  upturned canoes are still clearly visible, silhouetted along the top of the ridge and Kupe’s silhouette takes pride of place on every Escarpment label. After 21 years winemaking experience in Martinborough, Larry is now defining the terroir of the Martinborough geographic region with his exciting range of single vineyard wines. Recently when Larry picked up the prestigious George Fistonich medal at the NZ International Wine Show, he commented: “It’s one of those life time achievement things you get when you have been around too long”, which is typical of the man, as modest and humorous as he is brilliant.

15)       The Edge Pinot Gris, Martinborough, New Zealand 2013 (white) £12.99

16)       The Edge Pinot Noir, Martinborough, New Zealand 2013 (red) £13.99

17)       Escarpment Pinot Blanc, Martinborough, New Zealand 2012 (white) £13.99

18)       Escarpment Pinot Gris, Martinborough, New Zealand 2012 (white) £16.99

19)       Escarpment Pinot Noir, Martinborough, New Zealand 2011 (red) £20.99

20)       Kupe Pinot Noir, Martinborough, New Zealand 2011 (red) £31.99

21)       Hinemoa Riesling, Martinborough, New Zealand 2011 Half Bottle 37.5cl (sweet) £13.99

Table 4 – Kaapzicht

Presented by Brian Holt, UK Representative

In South Africa, Danie Steytler is considered one of the top two producers of Pinotage in the country. He wins numerous awards and accolades for his Pinotage wines, and for the Vision (a Cape blend with 40% Pinotage). He is passionate about Pinotage, the grape which in Danie’s words ‘put Kaapzicht on the map’.

Kaapzicht is situated up in the Bottelary Hills with magnificent views towards Table Mountain (hence the name Kaapzicht: ‘Cape View’). The farm (first mentioned in 1712) has been farmed by the Steytler family since 1946 and is now in the tender care of third generation Danie Steytler (winemaker) and his brother George (viticulturist); Danie’s wife Yngvild jets around the globe, looking after exports and marketing. Fourth generation Danie junior recently joined this family affair, with oenology studies and 4 years of flying winemaker experience under his belt, is throwing himself into exciting new projects. Plans include a single vineyard, top of the range wooded Chenin and a Sparkling wine. Watch this space!

22)       Kaapzicht Estate Red (Cab Sauv/Shiraz) , Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2011 (red) £11.99

23)       Kaapzicht Bin 3 Cabernet/Merlot, Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2010 (red) £11.99

24)       Kaapzicht Shiraz, Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2010 (red) £16.99

25)       Kaapzicht Pinotage, Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2010 (red) £16.99

26)       Kaapzicht Steytler Pinotage, Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2010 (red) £28.99

27)       Kaapzicht Steytler Vision (Cab Sauv/Pinotage/ Merlot), Stellenbosch, S. Africa 2008 (red) £31.99

28)       Blind wine (white). Guess the grape – £18.99

Table 5 – Bouchard Finlayson

Presented by Peter Finlayson, Owner/Winemaker

Bouchard Finlayson is a top class, internationally renowned estate, situated in Walker Bay, mid-way between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas (the most southerly tip of Africa). The climate is largely influenced by the nearby cold Atlantic Ocean rendering it one of the coolest wine-growing areas in the Cape. The Hemel-en-Aarde valley, home to Bouchard Finlayson, is surrounded and sheltered by a mountain barrier, formed by Galpin Peak (810 metres) and the Tower of Babel (1200 metres), which traps the cloud cover and moisture brought in from the sea by the prevailing wind.

The estate is committed to conservation and sustainable farming, and they strongly believe their BWI ‘Champion status’ membership sets them apart from other winemaking regions in the world. BWI (Biodiversity and Wine Initiative) is a partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector, aimed at protecting the Cape’s rich floral kingdom. To this end, only 19ha of their most precious resource – the land – is under vine as the natural indigenous fynbos (a valuable ecosystem) is being preserved.

A part-time environmental consultant and respected botanist Frank Woodvine, has been employed by the farm to manage and coordinate all conservation activities.

 29)       Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer, Walker Bay, S. Africa (Riesling/ Viognier/Sauv Bl/ Chenin/ Chard) 2013 (white) £11.99

 30)       Bouchard Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc, Walker Bay, S. Africa 2013 (white) £13.99

 31)       Bouchard Finlayson Sans Barrique Chardonnay, Walker Bay, S. Africa 2013 (white) £14.99

 32)       Bouchard Finlayson Crocodile`s Lair Chardonnay, Walker Bay, S. Africa 2013 (white) £16.99

 33)       Bouchard Finlayson Missionvale Chardonnay, Walker Bay, S. Africa 2011 (white) £20.99

 34)       Bouchard Finlayson Hannibal (Sangiovese/Pinot Noir / Nebbiolo/ Mourvedre Barbera/Shiraz), Walker Bay, S. Africa 2012 (red) £24.99

 35)       Bouchard Finlayson Galpin Peak Pinot Noir, Walker Bay, S. Africa 2012 (red) £28.99

 Table 6 – Paul Cluver

Presented by Liesl Cluver, Marketing Director

 The Cluver family bought the De Rust farm in 1896 to provide summer grazing for their livestock. In the mid 1900’s it became a strong apple producing region and was subsequently identified as a cool climate wine-growing region. This led to the establishment in 1986 of the first winery in Elgin – that of the Paul Cluver Cellar. Recognised as pioneers of wine in the area, the focus is on producing elegant wines that are expressive of the terroir.  The wine business forms part of larger holistic farming business called ‘De Rust Estate’. In addition to the vineyards and cellar, there are apple and pear orchards, a Hereford stud and eco-tourism activities, including amphitheatre concerts on the farm. This 2000+ hectare estate forms part of the UNESCO world heritage site, the Kogelberg Biosphere. Half of the estate has been set aside for conservation into perpetuity.

 36)       Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc, Elgin, S. Africa 2013 (white) £12.99

 37)       Paul Cluver Gewurztraminer, Elgin, S. Africa 2013 (white) £12.99

 38)       Paul Cluver Close Encounter Riesling, Elgin, S. Africa 2012 (white) £13.99

 39)       Paul Cluver Chardonnay, Elgin, S. Africa 2011 (white) £15.99

 40)       Paul Cluver Pinot Noir, Elgin, S. Africa 2012  (red) £15.99

 41)       Paul Cluver Noble Late Harvest Riesling, Elgin, S. Africa 2012 Half Bottle 37.5cl (sweet) £15.99

 42)       Blind wine (red). Guess the grape – £20.99

 Table 7 – Catherine Marshall Wines

Presented by Cathy Marshall, Owner/Winemaker

 We welcome Cathy Marshall back to The Wine Centre, having enjoyed her company when she was guest speaker at one of our “table of eighteen” dinners last year. Cathy is one of those charismatic big personality types you want to be sitting next to at dinner, just for the fun of it, but also because the experience is bound to be an education! The font of all knowledge when it comes to her subject, Cathy founded the Barefoot Wine Company  in 1997 – what was, at the time,  the first true boutique winery in the Western Cape. Cathy pioneered her ‘alternative’ approach to winemaking,  characterised by the use of a low-tech, but meticulous hands-on methodology which set the trend for the burgeoning ‘Garagiste’ movement. Thanks to Cathy’s tireless efforts, the company grew from humble beginnings (with a handful of friends and family gathering at harvest-time to press the grapes barefoot) to become an institution – inspiring hundreds of enthusiastic participants to attend the annual BWC ‘foot-stomps’!.

Her prowess has earned her a well-founded reputation for excellence. Since those early days, she has travelled the globe to build her business into a truly global affair (now known as Catherine Marshall Wines), operating from her base in Elgin. While all her wines are exceptional, our absolute favourite is the sweet fortified wine she calls Myriad. Try it with cheese!

 43)       Catherine Marshall Sauvignon Blanc, Elgin, S. Africa 2013 (white) £11.99

 44)       Catherine Marshall Amatra Chenin Blanc, Elgin, S. Africa 2013 (white) £13.99

 45)       Catherine Marshall Amatra Merlot, Elgin, S. Africa 2012 (red) £14.99

 46)       Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir, Elgin, S. Africa 2012 (red) £15.99

 47)       Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir Reserve, Elgin, S. Africa 2012  (red) £17.99

 48)       Catherine Marshall Myriad (Merlot), Elgin, S. Africa 2008 Half Bottle 37.5cl (sweet) £15.99

 Table 8 – Spice Route

Presented by Charl (and Michelle) du Plessis, Winemaker

From his early winemaking days at the Perdeberg Co-Op, Charles Back, owner of Spice Route, was mindful of ‘how easily quality happens in Swartland’. Based near Malmesbury in the Swartland region North-west of Paarl, Charles Back established Spice Route in 1997 and continues the innovation that he is so well known for. In common with Charles, Charl du Plessis, the winemaker, shows a commitment to excellence in everything he does. There can be few winemakers who fly back to South Africa after a gruelling three days of London Wine Trade Fair, in order to compete in a cycling marathon just one day later!

Spice Route wines are recognized for their exceptionally ripe and deep flavoured wines. Deep red soils sustain unirrigated bush vines with temperatures being moderated by cool Atlantic breezes rolling in from the west overnight. The vineyards are located at two sites – in Malmesbury and Darling.

49)       Spice Route Chenin Blanc, Swartland, S. Africa 2013 (white) £11.99

 50)       Spice Route Sauvignon Blanc, Swartland, S. Africa 2013 (white) £11.99

 51)       Spice Route Viognier, Swartland, S. Africa 2013 (white) £11.99

 52)       Spice Route Pinotage, Swartland, S. Africa 2012 (red) £11.99

 53)       Spice Route Shiraz, Swartland, S. Africa 2010  (red) £11.99

 54)       Chakalaka (Syrah/Mourvedre/Carignan/Petit Sirah/Grenache/Tannat), Swartland, S. Africa 2011 (red) £14.99

 55)       Malabar (Syrah/Mourvedre/Petit Sirah/Grenache/Tannat), Swartland 2007 (red) £30.99

 Table 9 – Darling Cellars

Presented by Lisbet Ryg Olsen, European Sales Manager

Darling Cellars is situated on the West Coast some fifty miles North of Cape Town, in Darling, where the vineyards enjoy the coolness of the Darling Hills three miles from the roaring Atlantic. Other vineyards bask in sun in the flatter hinterland.  Their winemaking team thus has an abundance of flavour profiles to play with, not to mention a funky mix of varieties.  Darling is best known for Shiraz  and Sauvignon Blanc as well as old-vine Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, but their winemakers actually have fifteen red varieties and nine white varieties at their disposal.   96% of their vineyards are un-irrigated bush-vines so yields are very low and the quality proportionately high. We think they offer exceptional value, sub £10 retail; and in Chocoholic we see a potential big-brand emerging which is already going great guns in the capable hands of Lisbet Ryg Olsen (ably assisted in the UK by Seckford Agencies).

 56)       Darling Cellars Chenin Blanc `Arum Fields` Terroir Collection, Darling, S. Africa 2013 (white) £7.99

 57)       Darling Cellars Cinsault/Cabernet Sauvignon `Terra Hutton` Terroir Collection, Darling, S. Africa 2012 (red) £7.99

 58)       Darling Cellars `Mariette` (Chenin/Chard/Viognier/Bukettraube), Grower`s Signature, Darling, S. Africa 2013  (white) £9.99

 59)       Darling Cellars `The Chairman` (Shiraz/Cinsaut/ Mourvedre), Grower`s Signature, Darling, S. Africa 2012 (red) £9.99

60)       Chocoholic Pinotage, Darling, S. Africa 2013(red) £10.99

Our thanks to Seckford Agencies and to our friends from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Tonight only – 10% off when you order 6 bottles or more

Thank you all very much for attending, safe journey home

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Kumeu River – sensational value

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had here at The Wine Centre last night – fantastic food, wines and company. Thank you those of you who were able to join us. It was another full-house and record sales on the evening to-date in 2014, a reflection on the quality of the wines, no doubt, but also their great value. In particular, the Chardonnays and Pinots, compared to similar wines from Burgundy, were truly astonishing value in my opinion (others clearly agreed). As for food-wine matching, some fantastic pairings, in particulat the salmon dish with the Estate Chardonnay ( the creaminess of both a sublime match), and the Estate Pinot Noir simply perfect with the venison (the best ever venison from Layer Marney, perfectly cooked), a beautifully complex, stylish wine, mature and fabulously more-ish. But  though these were the best matches, it takes nothing away from the Pinot Gris and spiced pork (the peachy richness of the wine cooled the spices nicely) and the village wines which were great crowd pleasers, both of them, the Chablis-esque Chardonnay with crispy snacks, by way of aperitif, and the feather-light Pinot with the cheese board, at the end, with its youthful, bright red fruits. The last word must surely, however, go to the Mate single vineyard Chardonnay – a wine named after Paul`s father who founded Kumeu River – and the word is quite simply “pedigree” . If you want a treat with your seafood and you`re prepared to pay a little more, look no further!       Paul`s tasting notes to follow:

Guest Speaker: Paul Brajkovich – Host: Anthony Borges – Chef: Tony Bell

 Kumeu River, Auckland, New Zealand

 The Wines

 Village Chardonnay 2011, £11.99 (aperitif)

The ideal aperitif Chardonnay: flinty, crisp and refreshing.

 Pinot Gris 2011, £13.99

Peach and stone fruit notes tinged with a floral perfume. Rich, and complex with an oily texture and lingering after-taste.

 Estate Chardonnay 2011, £18.99

Drawn from six different vineyard sites in the Kumeu region. Beautiful peach and hazelnut aromas along with a rich silky texture.

 Mate`s Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2011, £26.99

This vineyard has always displayed a lifted fruit aroma reminiscent of ripe pears, but with a mineral edge. The palate is always long and concentrated. Named after founder Mate Brajkovich.

 Estate Pinot Noir 2009, £18.99

Aromas of ripe cherries and spice. The palate displays lovely ripe fruit and is lively and fresh with good firm tannins which are now beginning to mellow with some bottle age.

 Village Pinot Noir 2011, £11.99

A lovely light and bright colour and the aromas show red fruits of strawberry and raspberry with a touch of leafiness. The palate is very pretty and crisp with a refreshing dry finish.




Sesame Szechuan pork, ‘tiger’ salad

Mustard salmon, cannellini ragù

 Loin of Layer Marney venison ‘Welliington’

 The Wine Centre cheeseboard

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Wine Festival 2014 – sold out

Winemakers Garden Party – sold out

We apologise to customers who have been unable to buy tickets to our 2014 summer wine festival on June 6th. Unfortunately we have had to cap numbers at 120 this year and tickets sold out quickly.

For those of you who are coming, we look forward to seeing you at 7pm – we suggest you wear comfortable shoes, you can look in vessi waterproof shoes for men and women to check great styles (no high heels, ladies!) and dress for the outdoors.

Also – for those of you driving, please park at The Yew Tree and leave cars there until morning!

Our wine festival in the garden this year is on D-Day –  D-Day`s  70th anniversary – so we will be remembering our heroes and the fallen during what will be our best ever wine festival, meeting the winemakers and tasting their wines. It promises to be a fun Friday night, with delicious wines and our Summer deli platters for grazing until 9pm.

Carry on the Party

Afterwards, for guests who would like to `carry on the party`  we`ll have a paid-bar until 11pm so you can kick back with a beer or a bottle of Champagne or whatever your fancy! Drinks at the bar will be sold at shop prices. We`ll also be providing one of Tony`s fabulous Chilli Con Carne  suppers from 9.30-10pm, which guests are asked to book in advance to be sure of a serving! This is an extra £5, advanced bookings only.

The line-up of winemakers includes New Zealand`s Larry McKenna (Escarpment) and Steve Pellet (Stanley Estates) PLUS from South Africa, Peter Finlayson (Bouchard Finlayson) and  Cathy Marshall (of Catherine Marshall Wines)…… to name a few!! We promise you won`t be disappointed.

Our thanks to the team at The Yew Tree for supporting our summer wine festival by once again providing guests with parking. 

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Delicious New World Wines – with food to match

April`s tasting was a relaxed, fun evening – the food by Charlie Stocker was superb and the wines fabulous. Here`s what was on the menu with our notes:

Guest Speaker: Jane Macaulay – Host: Anthony Borges – Chef: Charlie Stocker

 The Subject: Delicious New World Wines

 Frost Pocket Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand 2013, £11.99 (aperitif)

 Deliciously crisp and fresh, packed full of vibrant and long lasting lime, gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours.

  Ken Forrester Old Vine Chenin Blanc Reserve, Western Cape, S. Africa 2012, £14.99

Full bodied and well rounded with a complex structure. Bursting with flavours of dried apricots, pineapple and hints of vanilla and honey that last long on the finish.

 Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Viognier, Marlborough, New Zealand 2012, £13.99

  Bright lemon in colour showing notes of fleshy white peach, cashew and honeysuckle. The palate is full and textured with complementary notes of spice and  a fine mineral acidity that provides length.

Vina Leyda Chardonnay, Falaris Hill Single Vineyard, Leyda Valley, Chile 2012, £14.99

Falaris Hill Vineyard Chardonnay has a refined and complex nose with ripe citrus character and mineral notes. Subtle oak influence combines with lemon and dry wheat aromas. Fresh and dense in the mouth, with a creamy texture in the mid palate and a lively acidity further back, providing freshness and length to a toasted almonds aftertaste.

 J. Lohr Wildflower, Monterey, California, USA 2012, £13.99

A vibrant, red-purple in color with bright aromas of boysenberry, bing cherry, raspberry and banana. The fruit complexion on the palate is equally bright, dominated by boysenberry and raspberry. 100% Valdiguie grape,  luscious fruits with a fresh, lingering acidity.

 J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, California, USA 2011, £16.99

Dark ruby-red in colour with aromas of cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry and violets. The bouquet is an elegant blend of vanilla, chocolate, truffles, cedar and thyme. Showing ripe and velvety soft tannins with a plump structure supported by good acidity that balances the ripe fruit and helps create an elegant and lengthy palate.

 Ken Forrester The Gypsy Grenache Syrah Mourvedre ,Western Cape S.A 2010, £28.99

 The character is somewhat wild, a little brambly with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, dark spices, with vanilla scents and a distinct, concentrated red-fruit focus. Wonderful wine. 57% Grenache, 29% Syrah, 14% Mourvedre.

  Henschke Keyneton Estate Euphonium, Barossa, South Australia 2010, £34.99

 Deep crimson in colour. Lifted aromas of spicy sweet plum, blackberry and cassis with hints of cedar and tar. Sweet, rich ripe and lush on the palate with great intensity and structure. Fleshy in texture, the wine has excellent depth and complexity.

63% Shiraz, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Franc.

 Peller Vidal Icewine, Ontario, Canada (37.5cl), £39.99

A gold yellow colour with an aromatic bouquet of lemon marmalade, carmelized oranges, golden pineapple and a touch of honey. A rich, medium to full-bodied wine with explosive flavours of honey, golden pineapple, star anise and brown sugar. Sweet citrus and star fruit linger on the finish.


40 degree salmon, burnt aubergine, grapefruit ‘ caviar’,  sorrel

Mersea sea bass , roasted mushrooms, salsify, wild garlic panacotta, shellfish and lemon foam

Layer Marney lamb, slow cooked rump, crispy breast, buttermilk gratin, salt baked roots, burnt hay jus

Cheese Platter


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Easter Wine Treats

Easter Wine Treats


2012 La Ciboise Blanc, Luberon, Rhone, France, M. Chapoutier, £9.99

Pale, green and yellow reflections with aromas of white blossom, lemons and exotic fruits. Excellent balance, freshness and vinosity. Produced with Grenache Blanc, Vermentino, Ugni Blanc and Roussanne.

2011 Macon-Charnay Clos Saint-Pierre, Burgundy, France, £12.99

Pale yellow. The nose is immediately intense and appealing, hinting of peaches and cream. The palate has an exceptional balance of rich, creamy fruit and elegant complexity. A fine single vineyard Burgundy of exceptional value. Expressive of its terroir. 100% Chardonnay.

2012 Schieferkopf Slyvaner, M. Chapoutier, Alsace, France, 13.99

Gold-tinged wine, verging on onion colour. Citrus and floral aromas lead to an attack of freshness on the palate with fleshy citrus fruits and a refined minerality. Fine terroir-driven wine by the great  man Michel Chapoutier in his latest wine venture.  100% Sylvaner.

2010 Rully, Chanson, Burgundy, France, £19.99

Pale yellow, bright colour.  Floral fragrances mixed with exotic fruit and green almond. Linear, tight and well-balanced. Beautiful aromatic freshness with a delicate minerality. Fine white burgundy. 100% Chardonnay.


2013 Whispering Angel, D`Esclans, Cotes de Provence, France £18.99

Pale salmon pink colour. Delicate, super-fresh nose of strawberry and summer fruits, bright red fruits on the palate, again super-fresh, precise and with a wonderful summer fragrance, finishing dry. First class Rose, produced with Grenache, Rolle, Syrah and Cinsault grapes.


2011 D`Arenberg The Stump Jump Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia, £11.99

Ruby,  purple-tinged colour. The nose open, fragrant, of fresh blackberries, cherries and chocolate sprinkled with spices. The palate is surprising light and silky-soft. 100% Shiraz.

2011 St-Amour, Domaine de la Porte du Paradis, Beaujolais, France£13.99

Bright ruby colour. Appealing aromas of fruit compote and perfumed with hints of violets, ripe redcurrants abound on the palate which has a delicate minerality and wonderful freshness. A good Beaujolais Cru. 100% Gamay.

2011 Wildflower, J. Lohr, Monterey, California USA, £13.99

A vibrant, red-purple in colour with bright aromas of boysenberry, cherry and raspberry. The fruit complexion on the palate is equally bright, boysenberry and raspberry. The luscious fruit and lingering acidity make this wine ideal as an aperitif. Like a super-charged Fleurie. 100% Valdiguie.

2011 Seven Oaks Cabernet , J. Lohr, Paso Robles, California USA, £16.99

Dark ruby-red in colour with aromas of cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry and violets. The palate is plump and velvety smooth with cassis, vanilla, chocolate, truffles and cedar. Ideal with the Easter lamb. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2010 Beaune, Nuiton-Beaunoy, Burgundy, France, £24.99

Pale ruby colour. On the nose soft, savoury Pinot Noir, a hint of earth and vanilla. On the palate red fruits and a light touch in weight terms, yet a savoury richness and minerality which lingerss. Classic red  burgundy. 100% Pinot Noir.

2009 Journey`s End Merlot, Stellenbosch, S. Africa, £18.99

Dark blue-red hues, a full nose of herbal eucaplyptus and fruit cake, followed by a mouth-filling, fleshy wine, with plum, cherry and prune and an earthy quality. Its velvet texture  gives it a luxurious mouth feel. 100% Merlot.

2007 D`Arenberg Fortified Shiraz, Australia, 13.99 (375ml), £13.99

Dark, purplish colour. An Australian version of Port from McLaren Vale. Aromas and flavours of sweet, black cherry, raspberry, dried fruits and liquorice. Serve with blue cheese. 100% Shiraz.

A selection of delicious wines from New and Old world.

If you would like to invest in any twelve of these wines for Easter we would be delighted to give you 10% discount. For example:

A case of twelve, one bottle of each wine listed (4 x white, 1 x Rose, 6 x Red, 1 x 1/2 Sweet): £190.88 – 10% = £171.79

Quality guaranteed.

For enquiries please telephone Anthony on (01206) 271 236, Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm, or email:

Or browse the wine list on our website

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Tax Increases on wines

Price Announcement

Dear Customers

The Chancellor has confirmed in his 2014 Budget that the duty escalator will be scrapped for all alcohol. Instead the excise duty will be increased only in line with inflation. This year, as of March 24th, our costs on wine will increase by 60p per case of twelve bottles, exclusive of Vat. Regrettably it is also this time of year, coinciding with the Chancellor`s March budget, that a good many of our suppliers pass on their increased product costs to us, thereby further increasing costs to us, which inevitably at some point we are obliged to pass on to you, our customers.  We are conscious of the need to remain competitive with our prices, of course – especially in these difficult times (despite talk of green shoots! ) – therefore we have decided to absorb most of the cost increases for the Spring and Summer months, effectively reducing our margins, until September 1st. There will be a few we simply can`t avoid, but our promise to you is to keep these to an absolute minimum. We hope this will go some way to assisting you, our customers, while making us an even more attractive proposition for your weekly wine shop!

Meantime don`t forget our fantastic March bin end offer: still over 100 wines available at unbeatable prices!

Anthony Borges




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26th April, Local Col United fans welcome

Colchester United are  taking Colchester Town by storm, colouring it white and blue [their Take Over The Town campaign]. We thought we would do our bit for the Rural fans within the community – so we are arranging for a cask of local Greene King ale to be on tap at The Wine Centre from 1.30-2.00pm on the day. That`s Saturday 26th April, here for 1.30pm! The idea is that local fans going to the match that day meet up at The Wine Centre for a quick beer before we all set off together to the ground in a colourful procession. Fans wearing Colu regalia will be given a complimentary beer.  The Standard will be covering it so come on fans, let`s make a  hullaballoo as we walk the brisk mile [or two] to the ground in our blue and white colours. Please let us know if we can expect you… email Anthony on  or telephone 271 236.

Walking with us will be three former Colu players, Steve Dowman, Phil Coleman and Barry Smith.

We will be fundraising for Colu`s chosen fundraiser, the Tom Bowbridge Foundation:

Gazette: Foundation launched in Tom's memory

The Tom Bowdidge Foundation was launched on Monday by his parents Nikki and Richard and sister Emma at Heathlands Primary School, in West Bergholt. Tom died in October aged 19 after battling with a rare stomach cancer. The foundation’s launch coincided with Tom’s 20th birthday. Little ones at the school, where Mrs Bowdidge is a teacher, dressed in blue to mark the occasion. They were also given tubes of Tom’s favourite sweets, Smarties, to eat and re-fill with donations to the foundation. Mr Bowdidge, 46, said: “It has been a lovely way to launch the foundation. “Tom was a pupil at Heathlands and we’ve really been blown away by how it has been received.” Mr Bowdidge’s company, Tyser & Co Insurance Brokers, in London, also held a Wear it Blue Day on Friday. He added: “We’ve already seen one client tell me they happened they’re holding a dress down day with a blue theme and they’ve pledged the money they’ve raised for the foundation. “The reaction from people in general has been humbling.” The foundation’s first step is to raise £5,000, which means it can apply for charity status from the Charity Commission.

Please all join us for the walk on April 26th …. whether you are going to the match or not! Just wear blue and white, and bring a little change for the pot please!!

Anthony Borges

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March Bin End Sale

Prod. No. Product Description Shop Price Per Bottle Special Offer Price
Style/Bin  Prices include Vat
 Just a few left available in April
W/01 Sold
Sold £23.99 £17.00
R/03 Sold £15.99 £12.50
W/04 Sold £19.99 £15.00
W/05 Sold £43.99 £30.00
W/06 Rully, Jean Claude Boisset 2008 £19.99 £15.00
W/07 Sold £13.99 £8.50
W/08 Bourgogne Domaine Faiveley Chardonnay 2009 £13.99 £8.50
R/09 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Nuiton-Beaunoy 2010 £13.99 £8.50
W/10 Sold £90.00 £65.00
W/11 Sold £15.99 £12.50
Bordeaux (claret)
R/12 Sold £45.00 £36.00
R/13 Sold £24.99 £18.75
R/14 Sold £11.99 £9.50
R/15 Sold £58.00 £49.00
R/16 Chateau du Tertre, Margaux 1998 (singles, or twelve in a wooden case) £62.99 £53.00
R/17 Chateau Beaulieu, Lalande de Pomerol 2010 £20.99 £17.00
R/18 Chateau Teyssier St Emilion Grand Cru 2008 (singles, or twelve bottles in a wooden case) £26.99 £20.00
R/19 Chateau Clerc Milon, Pauillac  Grand Cru Classe 1999 £55.00 £38.00
Bordeaux White
W/20 Grand Bateau 2010, Dry (75% Sauvignon, 25% Semillon) £11.99 £9.50
CH/21 Sold £38.99 £30.00
CH/22 Sold £55.00 £49.00
CH/23 Sold £55.99 £38.00
CH/24 Sold £60.00 £48.00
CH/25 Sold £39.99 £29.00
CH/26 Sold £49.99 £37.50
CH/27 Belle Epoque, Perrier-Jouet 2004 £120.00 £90.00
CH/28 Sold £125.00 £100.00
CH/29 Sold £245.00 £185.00
CH/30 Sold £125.00 £100.00
W/31 Sold £33.99 £27.00
W/32 Sold £36.99 £30.00
W/33 Sold £13.99 £9.50
W/34 Sold £26.99 £22.00
W/35 Turckheim Pinot Gris 2009 £11.99 £9.25
W/36 Sold £23.99 £18.00
W/37 Sold £20.99 £16.00
W/38 Sold £20.99 £16.00
W/39 Sold £9.99 £7.00
R/ 40 Chinon, Domaine Brunet 2010 (Cabernet Franc) £9.99 £7.00
W/41 Sold £10.99 £8.50
Southern France
R/42 Jean Orliac`s Le Loup dans la Bergere, Val de Montferrand Rouge 2008 £10.99 £8.00
W/43 Sold £12.99 £9.00
W/44 Sold £10.99 £8.00
R/45 Sold £13.99 £10.00
W/46 Sold £28.99 £20.00
R/47 Cornas Les Murettes, Domaine Michelas St. Jemms 2011 (will benefit from cellaring) £48.99 £39.00
R/48 Sold £65.00 £52.00
R/49 Sold £55.00 £44.00
W/50 Sold £11.99 £9.75
W/51 Sold £21.99 £17.00
W/52 Sold £36.99 £29.00
W/53 Sold £16.99 £13.50
W/54 Sold £22.99 £18.00
W/55 Oppenheimer Krotenbrunnen Spatlese 2008 £6.99 £5.00
W/56 Weingut Brundlmayer Kamptaler Terrassen Gruner Veltliner 2009 £15.99 £10.50
R/57 Santo Espelt, Emporda 2006 (Grenache, Carignan) £13.99 £10.50
R/58 Urban Ribera, Tinta del Pais, Ribera del Duero 2007 £11.99 £8.75
W/59 Con Class Verdejo, Rueda 2009 (shop offer £8.99) £11.99 £7.50
R/60 Sold £13.99 £10.50
R/61 Jaros, Ribera del Duero 2005 (Tempranillo, alias Tinto Fino) £27.99 £20.00
R/62 Sold £34.99 £25.00
W/63 Vinas Viejas Verdejo, 2008 £24.99 £18.75
R/64 Sold £13.99 £10.50
R/65 Sold £12.99 £9.50
R/66 Anta Banderas (A4), Ribera del Duero 2008 (Tempranillo) £13.99 £10.50
R/67 Darien Rioja Crianza 2009 £11.99 £9.50
R/68 Darien Rioja Reserva 2007 £18.99 £15.00
W/76 Sold £15.99 £11.00
W/77 Sold £9.99 £7.25
Rose/78 Montes Cherub Rose de Syrah 2009 £9.99 £7.25
R/79 Sold £24.99 £18.75
R/80 Sold £37.99 £29.00
W/81 Sold £13.99 £10.75
R/82 Anakena Enco Reserve Pinot Noir, Leyda Valley 2011 £10.99 £8.50
R/83 Anakena Enco Cabernet Sauvignon, Cachapoal 2011 £10.99 £8.50
R/84 Anakena Tama Carmenere, Cachapoal 2011 £10.99 £8.50
W/85 Anakena Tama Viognier, Cachapoal 2011 £10.99 £8.50
R/88 Sold £14.99 £10.75
R/89 Urban Maule 2009 (50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, 5% Carignan) £9.99 £7.75
R/90 T.H. Syrah Limari, Undurrago 2009 £16.99 £12.75
New Zealand
R/95 Sold £26.99 £22.00
Rose/96 Man of War Rose 2009 (Merlot) £13.99 £9.25
W/97 Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonay, Martinborough 2007 £33.99 £25.00
R/98 Sold £28.99 £22.00
W/99 Vahalla Chardonnay, Waiheke Island 2009 £28.99 £22.00
W/100 Sold £20.99 £17.50
R/101 Sold £15.99 £11.50
W/102 Sold £21.99 £16.50
R/103 Sold £26.99 £22.00
R/104 Sold £28.99 £24.00


Subject to limited availability, sold on a first come-first serve basis.  Please contact us to confirm availability

About our Bin End Sale:

In total a massive 177 Wines on Sale – now reduced to a scattering of bin ends which will during April be located in the bin end rack in the corner of the shop.

A fantastic time to stock up……..

This is a genuine bin end offer with massive discounts, to clear the way for new wines coming to The Wine Centre this Spring. Additionally we have thrown into the mix some great deals and promotional wines, so if you like a bargain there has never been a better time to come to The Wine Centre than now.  Saturdays through March we`ll also have some of the promotional wines for you to try in the shop, with our usual deli offerings for you to nibble alongside tasting the wines. We look forward to welcoming you – however, please do not delay in scrutinising the list and placing your order. Quite a few – being “bin ends” – are in short supply, and at these prices they will no doubt sell quickly. This list is our opening list, as of March 1st. We can, if you like, email you an updated list  in excel format with the number of bottles in stock, as of the morning of your email. Otherwise simply email us what you would like and we`ll confirm what we can do for you.  If you are unable to pick up your order we are pleased to arrange FREE local delivery to your home for orders of twelve bottles or more and £100+. For deliveries outside the CO postal code – or for orders of less than twelve bottles – a delivery charge is added of £9.95.  Our trading terms are available for viewing in the shop or on our website. Please note, for further information about the wines ask for Anthony or browse the wine list on the website.

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Wines of Argentina a big hit

The line up: Guest Speaker: Mike Unsworth – Chef: Tony Bell – assisted ably by Abbey, with Janet and Kate as front of house! Thank you all… Mike and Tony, you especially were inspirational on this night, well done both of you.

It was an excellent evening and the wines all showed very well, except, if i`m being ultra critical, the La Linda Malbec not showing at its best on this occasion (having a bad day, happens to us all!). On the positive side,  this only served to show the Luigi Bosca Malbec in a an even better light! What a delicious Malbec this is!!

However, the first wine to impress on the evening was the first wine to be served: the unoaked Chardonnay. Lots of flavour here, yet refreshing. Those who don`t like Chardonnay might want to give this a try, because without the oak this is pure fruit. In food terms this might well be one for roasted chicken. The viognier with the prawn dish worked well, however it was the third white which really thrilled – barrel fermented Gala 3, simply superb, would on another occasion be a great white to match with our Pinney`s smoked salmon, or even their smoked chicken.

But it was the reds which, for me, shone most of all – a delicious, refreshing Pinot and then that Malbec! These were served with the beef, the Malbec matching it better than the Pinot. And by the way, Tony, what fabulous Layer Marney beef!!! The second helpings were very much appreciated by us all, thank you for that.

The gnocci was a treat, absolutely delicious and  my first ever,  an Italian dish which is popular in Argentina. However, the cheese platter which was served simultaneously was the better match with the next two wines. These were the two Galas, 1 and 2: beautifully crafted reds with an intensity and ripeness which matched the cheeses brilliantly.

The dessert was a sensation and the ginger and cinnamon in the wine was matched by the dish – but the banana  was too sweet for the wine – boy was it sweet – rendering the wine slightly too dry. One of those things. Fortunately Tony warned us, so we made sure to taste the wine first, on its own. A lovely Gewurztraminer.

Incidentally, after all the clearing up (in the small hours)  i found a another  pot of the crumble in the fridge. It was even better cold!!!

The Menu:

Pork & tamarind glazed prawns, quinoa salad

 ‘Chilli-water’ basted rump of Layer Marney Beef, chimicurri and salsa para asado

 Four cheese gnocchi

 Dulce du leche and banana crumble

The wines:

Chardonnay, Finca La Linda, Mendoza 2013 , £9.99 (aperitif)

Dark straw colour. Herbal aromas plus peach, lemon. Fresh, sumptuous and ample on the palate

Viognier, Finca La Linda, Mendoza 2013 £9.99

Bright, clean, with apricots and fresh flower blossom leaping from the glass

Gala 3 Viognier Chardonnay Riesling 2011, £19.99

Brilliant golden yellow colour, exquisite floral aromas combined with white peach with a balanced acidity

Malbec, Finca La Linda 2012, £9.99

Characteristically intense red colour, slightly muted aromas of black cherries. On the palate a little tight and ungenerous which is atypical of this wine. We`ll be monitoring the situation, but usually this is a charming   fruity red with blue fruits and violets. Mike thinks it needs time to settle, having not long ago arrived from Argentina.

Pinot Noir, Bodeaga Luigi Bosca 2012, £13.99

Fresh, silky body, red berries, light cocoa and spice notes. Delicious. Great Summer wine with our deli – alternatively a better food match would be white roasted meats or juicy lamb.

Malbec, Bodeaga Luigi Bosca 2011, £13.99

Deep ruby-red, aromas of ripe red and blue fruits, spices and black pepper, a violet/floral note, charming wine, great with the beef.

Gala 1 Malbec Petit Verdot Tannat 2011, £21.99

A muscular, elegant wine. Deep colour, with rich aromas of red fruit and delicate spiced notes. Perfect ripeness and intensity to match our cheddar.

Gala 2 Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Merlot 2011 (Magnum), £45.00

 A remarkably structured and elegant wine. The concentration of black fruit and toasted aromas contributed by 14 months ageing in French oak casks. Delicious with the cheeses – and what a great looking bottle!

Gewurztraminer Reserva 2010 (50cl), £13.99

Good body and deep gold colour. Aromas of berries, lychee, tropical fruits and musk, with light floral touches of rose petals and violets. Harmonious structure, unctuous, spicy (ginger and cinnamon). Wish we had tried this with the cheeses – or a fruit tart, perhaps.

Last but not least, thanks to all our guests for joining us. You were great company! Cheers everyone