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As the wind picks up, reach for the red

Are you all still enjoying the garden? It`s not quite the same when the sun`s not shining, is it? And with the wind and rain I expect you are all quite glad to hunker down inside. Time to light the fire and reach for the red. The darker shades of red suit this sort of weather; the full-bodied Autumnal reds; perhaps a Swan Song opportunity to drink serious claret and beefy Shiraz reds, before the Spring sun re-emerges and we return to the light and airy! The wonderful thing about our changeable weather is it makes for a great and diverse wine diet for those who choose to empathise in this way. We partner wine with food, after all, why not the weather?  If fish & chips is on the menu, you think of opening a chilled white wine like Sauvignon Blanc, for example, and somehow it tastes best in Aldeburgh with sunshine on your face. Ever tried fish & chips on a freezing day on Aldeburgh`s stony beach?  I have – and it`s not the same. Same chilled white wine on any cold, rainy day, anywhere, is the same folly as eating ice cream all year round. Who does that? Same with beer: dark, luxurious Adnams Broadside with the Sunday Roast Beef on a cold day is perfect; while their light, hoppy, Southwold lager is better suited to a lighter dish in the sunshine.  Anyway, you get my drift. Of course, it helps to have a wine shop so I can pick and choose according to the menu, the elements and on a whim, but have you ever thought about investing in a wine rack? My nephew, Tom, has just done so, his pride and joy, a twelve-bottle rack which he keeps in his brick shed. He loves it – but as I have said to him: if you have a wine-rack you must keep it filled. There`s nothing so sad as an empty wine rack.

Great news: Our shop in Gt Horkesley has returned to normal opening hours, 10am-6.30pm Monday-Saturday 



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