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Alcohol-Free in-trend

“Alcohol-Free” is a relatively new category of drink within the “Soft Drinks” category – this being, traditionally, drinks without alcohol, such as cola, lemonade, ginger beer and so on. The Americans call these Pop & Soda, being mostly sweet and fizzy, for consumption primarily by children. The emerging sub-category (the “Alcohol-Free”) include, by the way, the less than 0.5% abv, encompassing wine, punch, elderflower, spirits, cider and beer. These, many of them new to market, have been designed for drinking by adults as alternatives to alcoholic drinks; they are also often, but by no means always, drier alternatives to the Pop & Soda types. These dry varieties, usually red and white still wines (aka, of the grape) usefully go better with food, and they are equally in-trend for being relatively low in sugar. Torres Natureo red, white and rosé are good examples.  Braes o Gowrie Elderflower sparkling is a popular alternative, produced at Cairn O`Mohr Winery in Scotland, using elder blossoms. Then there are fruit-farmers, such as Belvoir, who produce decent alcoholic- free punches, made with a variety of juices and spring water. Their “Shiraz without the hangover” is a mix of blackcurrant, white grape, elderberry, flavour extracts and 11% Shiraz red grape!  It`s hardly wine, but it`s more grown up than Pop and Belvoir recommend it with steak, no less!  Seedlip is the spirit brand we stock, a distilled non-alcoholic botanical drink served with Fever Tree mixers.  For the youngsters there`s Sweden`s Kopparberg alcohol-free cider, targeting the one-third of all 18-34 year olds who don`t drink alcohol. Finally, there`s alcohol-free beer. These have been produced by brewers in the mirror-image of their leading brands. So, for example, Beck`s Blue 0.05% abv alongside Beck`s 4.8%, and most recently Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% abv joining regular Ghost Ship 4.5% on the shelf, an excellent likeness and very popular with our customers. Truly the nominated driver has never had it so good.  And with the growing numbers who are curbing their alcohol intake the Alcohol-Free category has never been better placed.


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