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A thought for the seasons

One thing I have always loved about our country is its seasons. What better way of celebrating them, then with the thrill of eating the season`s fresh fruit and vegetables. The first Asparagus, the first strawberries, the first broad beans. Even better, growing and eating your own. Furthermore, since most of us are carnivores, there`s the seasonal meats. At Easter we look forward to the tender Spring Lamb.  During the summer months we get to enjoy gorgeous pork pies and barbecued spare ribs. A favourite of mine in the summer is Grandfather sausages supplied by our local butcher. It`s the time of year for fresh lettuce salads, Caesar and Niçoise our staples; while our go-to salad with barbecues is Tomato-Avocado-Mozzarella. Red peppers and aubergines also appear on our table during the summer months, as do new potatoes, Beetroot and Cucumber, to name a few.   There`s also seasonal local fish – the “catch of the day”, be that Cod, Mackerel or Bass.   Colchester`s famous Mersea oysters remain a highlight of the year in season. Less known but highly sought after among food aficionados are Colchester`s native lobsters, Langoustine and eels.   Come Autumn and Winter there`s a sea-change and we look to the warming seasonal comfort food – apples for apple pie, root vegetables for hearty casseroles, game-birds, venison and so on.   And with each changing season we have our matching wines, and that, readers, is where I come in. With every seasonal delight there will be wines in our shop which will bring your seasonal dish to life and make the occasion even more special. With Asparagus, try our Domaine Girault Sancerre – it`s perfect. With strawberries, Italy`s Moncucco Moscato d`Asti – served in a flute glass it is sublime. With fresh broad beans (in- season right now) enjoy our Chateau de Fontenille, Entre-Deux-Mers. Any member of our team will be happy to recommend a wine with your seasonal dish, just drop into The Wine Centre or telephone 01206 271 236.

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